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Kenneth Williams

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Gen.G’s Astral Clash tournament will showcase the best female-identifying players in NA

Gen.G has partnered with Galorants and Procter & Gamble to host a tournament designed to break down gendered stigmas.

Michael Hassall

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Female CS:GO legend zAAz retires after 20 years of play

zAAz is hanging up the AWP as she hands the torch to a new generation

Michael Hassall

Michael Hassall CS:GO Game Page

c9w meL: “I’m not competing for the money, or the GC prize pool, or being the ‘best female player’ or being on the ‘best female team’ and neither are my team-mates.”

In a letter to fans, Cloud9 White’s Melanie “meL” Capone spoke on her motivations, competing against the world’s best, and knowing what’s best for her future financially.

Blake Van Poucke

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Ironmouse, Amouranth, and Fuslie top list of female variety streamers on Twitch

Vtuber Ironmouse beat out Amouranth and Fuslie to be the most watched female variety streamer on Twitch for the start of 2022.

Michael Hassall

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Women of the eRena proves a hit after 33 all-women trios clash for $75,000. Alixxa, Vanessuh and Nawtaw triumph in Zero Build event

Some of the most exceptional and talented women compete for this large prize pool in the ‘Women of the eRena’ Fortnite Zero Build tournament.

Bryson Maddock

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Gamers vs Cancer East announces its first-ever fundraising convention on behalf of the American Cancer Society

Gamers vs Cancer East is set to bring a one-of-a-kind fundraising convention to North Carolina this April. #sponsored

Michael Hassall

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DJs and live musicians raise over $75,000 for Cure Rare Disease with digital musical festival Rare Rave 2022 presented by Stream Labs

The Rare Rave 2022 presented by Stream Labs aimed at raising money for children with rare diseases was a success!


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