MAD Lions UNF0RGIVEN: “I feel like there are more good teams [now] than in spring”

UNF0RGIVEN speaks about the level of competition in the LEC summer split, team dynamics and communication and his experience in the league so far with Norman Kaiser in the bot lane.

Rashidat Jimoh

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MAD UNF0RGIVEN “I hate (Blitzcrank) so much. It’s so useless and so broken at the same time.”

Unf0rgiven has big shoes to fill in MAD Lions. Things are going pretty well… or at least they do when opponent’s don’t pick Blitzcrank

Michael Hassall

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DWG.KIA sweep MAD Lions at the 2021 LoL World Championships

DWG.KIA are looking to make their way to the LoL World Championships semifinals after a dominant game 1 against the LEC’s MAD Lions.

Sage Datuin

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MAD Kaiser: “Today really showed our willpower and mental strength to win games when we are on the brink.”

We caught up with MAD Lions’ Kaiser in the wake of their dramatic tiebreaker win at Worlds 2021, where they now advance to quarterfinals.

Sage Datuin

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MAD Lions Pull off Big Upset; Eliminate G2 from Fall Showdown

MAD Lions caused the upset of the tournament so far with a 2-1 win over G2 esports. Two matches on Overtime, but MAD Lions pull ahead.


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MAD Mac: “If you make one big mistake, then you potentially risk being unable to move forward at Worlds.”

Mad Lions head coach James “Mac” MacCormack is learning more about the parts of being a head coach he excels at. Now he is looking to lead MAD Lions to new heights at Worlds 2021

Sage Datuin

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LEC Summer Split preview: Title contenders, challengers, and underdogs

With the LEC summer split kicking off tomorrow, will the new blood of MAD Lions and Rogue continue to find success? Or will the old guard, Fnatic and G2, shut down the upstarts?

Shawn "Germanicus" Heerema

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MSI 2021: Damwon survive five-game scare to advance to grand final

Damwon KIA has punched their ticket to the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational grand final. The defending world champions will now test their will against fellow tournament favorites in RNG.

Jordan Marney

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