Myth becomes the latest streamer to leave Twitch for YouTube

Long-time Twitch streamer Myth has left the platform to join YouTube Gaming, stating, “This was my decision.”

Matthew "MJP" Pryor

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Twitch announces Guest Star feature for Just chatting category

Guest Star is a new way for streamers to invite any Twitch user onto their stream with audio and video. They can also share their screen in this feature for Just Chatting category.


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Pokimane announces next streaming platform after contract ends with Twitch

Pokimane has recently announced where she will be streaming next after the end of her 2-year contract with Twitch.

Sofea Zulkiflee

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TSM’s ImperialHal calls on competitive players to stream their games

TSMFTX’s Apex Legends Pro, ImperialHal took to twitter to call on competitive Apex Legends players to stream their pro-games.

Raviprakash Rao

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“WTF is Twitch?” Gordon Ramsay goes viral with reaction to streamer Triciaisbirdy

Notorious foul-mouthed celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay had a brush-in with the streaming world when one of his contestants told him she streamed cooking on ‘Twitch’ for a living.


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Twitch Confirms Major Breach of User Data

Hackers have revealed private information regarding the company, payouts for their creators as well as an unreleased Steam competitor from Amazon Game studios.

Jordan Marney

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Snoop Dogg streams on Twitch completely muted, his chat couldn’t help

Snoop Dogg was streaming on Twitch when his viewers realized there was no audio. But his chat couldn’t quite get the message through. They were fairly creative to resolve it though.

Jordan Beliles

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Netflix Gaming is coming in the next year

Netflix will add a new gaming section which will let gamers play original titles and more without raising the cost of your subscription. Given how impactful Netflix has been to the movie industry, could it be beneficial for gaming?

Jordan Beliles

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