Here’s the latest regarding Season 3 updates in Fortnite Festival!

Epic Games has provided a massive update regarding Pro Lead and Pro Bass song parts in Fortnite Festival. With Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 (update v30.00) due to arrive on Friday, Pro Lead and Pro Bass in Fortnite Festival will soon be accessible on all platforms. Epic is also adding keyboard and mouse support for these song parts. There's much to cover, so here’s a complete update breakdown.

Epic Games expands Pro Lead and Bass in Fortnite Festival in Season 3

Players have been vocal about some missing components within Fortnite Festival, specifically Pro Lead and Pro Bass. Epic’s most recent blog post addressed some of those concerns, and the update will be released in Fortnite Festival alongside Chapter 5 Season 3 on Friday. 

Here is a summary of the changes:

  • The ability to play Pro Lead and Pro Bass on any console platform or on PC, even without a supported guitar controller. 
  • Keyboard + mouse (KBM) keybind support for Pro Lead and Pro Bass! 
  • No matter which song part you select, there will be an option to see the note highway as multi-colored gems, similar to how it appears when Pro Lead or Pro Bass is selected.
  • You can now use support instruments for non-Pro parts, such as Vocals and Drums 

Keyboard and mouse support explained

The Fortnite v30.00 update will add keyboard and mouse (KBM) support for Pro Lead and Pro Bass in Fortnite Festival. This means players can create keybinds for these versions of songs. You can now bind keys to Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, and Orange to fulfill the Pro setting. 

As a result, you can essentially turn your keyboard into a guitar. The typical up arrow “Lift Notes” with instruments is replaced by “Hammer-Ons” and “Pull-Offs” (HOPO) when using KBM. 

While Epic works out the strumming kinks for KBM, the developers provided the default keybinds, which emulate an actual guitar:

  • Keys 1 to 5 for Green to Orange note lanes
  • Right Shift and Enter for Strumming 
  • Page Down for Overdrive 
  • Right Ctrl for Whammy

Those on a controller can strum and use overdrive with the shoulder buttons. You must hold the proper note and then strum accordingly. 

Additional improvements to Pro Lead and Bass in Fortnite Festival

Here are some other improvements outlined in Epic’s latest Fortnite Festival update:

  • You’ll be able to consistently hit chorded HOPO notes without strumming.
  • Added a new option to toggle the input labels for lanes at the bottom of the note highway. This is On by default for non-Pro parts, and Off by default for Pro.

Future patches beyond Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 will include more Festival updates, especially fret forgiveness. Epic has been listening to feedback, so continue providing it to improve the Fortnite Festival experience. 

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