Here’s everything you need to know about the chicken error code in Destiny 2.

Bungie developers have just rolled out a new set of patch notes for Destiny 2, adding several bug fixes and tuning adjustments to the game. However, it also appears that these notes have caused extended server downtime and some new error codes for players to navigate. Here's more on the causes of the chicken error code in Destiny 2 and how you can get it fixed so you can get back in the game.

Facing server issues and error codes can feel like a boss fight at times (Image via Bungie)
Facing server issues and error codes can feel like a boss fight at times (Image via Bungie)

Destiny 2 Chicken error code cause

Error code Chicken has begun popping up for many Destiny 2 players attempting to log in to the game right at the release of patch on June 18.

This error code, according to Bungie Help, is caused by players having connection issues to Destiny 2 servers. In this case, likely due to the new set of patch notes and extended maintenance time that was just announced at 1:17 p.m. CST on June 18.

Destiny 2 Chicken error code fixes

Players experiencing error code Chicken in Destiny 2 should attempt the following as a troubleshooting solution, according to Bungie Help:

  1. A wired connection is recommended to play Destiny. If the connection is being used for other things when playing Destiny, such as streaming, it's recommended to quit those programs.
  2. Clear the Console Cache, clear the download cache in the Steam launcher, or clear the webcache in the Epic Games launcher.
  3. Power cycling the main router/modem.
  4. Review our guide on improving latency and packet loss.
  5. Follow our Networking Troubleshooting Guide for best optimizing the connection to Destiny, and our Advanced Steps Networking Guide for possible router solutions, including information on UPnP, NAT, and Port Forwarding.
  6. This may be an internet service provider issue, so players may need to contact their provider about possible service interruptions.
  7. If players still encounter this issue after following the previous steps, please create a thread in our #Help Forum.

Players still experiencing issues after going through these attempts at troubleshooting may simply have to wait until Destiny 2 server maintenance is complete and servers re-stabilize.

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