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Adin Ross’ alleged brother speaks out


Man claiming to be Adin Ross’ half-brother has spoken out against the streamer’s recent actions.

It seems like every day there is a new popular figure in the media looking to stir up some sort of controversy. In recent events, Adin Ross has taken his chance at diving into a potential media disaster.

It is not so often though that we see family take a stance in these situations. A man on Twitter claiming to be Adin Ross' half-brother decided to speak out against the streamer after he posted a series of anti-LGBTQ+ tweets.

Miller Ross on his supposed brother Adin

After a Twitch ban and an offensive Tweet, you would think the drama regarding Adin Ross would not get any crazier, but somehow it managed to.

Early today on Twitter, a man named Miller Ross made claims that Adin Ross was his half-brother and that it has hurt their family to see Adin spiral into his current lifestyle.

"He was banned from Twitch yesterday and has been making erratic career and life decisions since meeting Andrew Tate," said Miller Ross, the man claiming to be Adin Ross's half-brother. "Fame came to Adin really fast when he was still a teenager, so our whole family (including my mom) have worked hard to keep certain people away from him and keep him on the right path."

Adin Ross and Andrew Tate via Twitter
Adin Ross and Andrew Tate via Twitter

Adin Ross first met Andrew Tate back in the late summer. This was during the time when Tate was banned from all social media for many misogynistic and sexual harassment claims.

"When our dad found out Adin was going to fly to Romania to visit Andrew Tate in prison, he tried to intervene, but Adin totally cut him off," said Miller Ross via Twitter.

Adin Ross claims that Miller Ross is not actually a part of his family

Despite all the Twitter drama, Adin Ross spoke out claiming that Miller Ross is not his brother.

"Fake news," said Adin Ross on Twitter. "That is not my brother."

From's research, Miller Ross is a video game beat writer who focuses on comic book-focused games. He has numerous bylines in publications such as exputer. He has also been cited in numerous others as a source for news. However his Twitter account does contain numerous parody and meme posts which bring into question the veracity of the claims.

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