Street Fighter 6, Chipotle team up for premium currency, Evo trip giveaway cover image

Street Fighter 6, Chipotle team up for premium currency, Evo trip giveaway


Love burritos and fighting games? Street Fighter 6 and Chipotle have an offer for you, including a potential chance at a free Evo trip.

Chipotle has a knack for tackling the video game world. First the burrito fast food giant teamed up with Tony Hawk to give away his preferred burrito at the launch of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2. And now the favorite eatery of that snobby, weightlifting dudebro at your gym is doing it again in the fighting game world. Street Fighter 6 and Chipotle will tag team together for a promotion that includes premium Fight Coins, cash prizes, and even a potential trip to Evo 2023.

Let's look at how you can get your burrito on while also scoring some SF6 swag in the process.

Street Fighter 6 X Chipotle

Announced earlier today on the Chipotle website, the Street Fighter 6 promotion has two methods of attack. The first is a promo code giveaway in two forms. You'll score some Fighter Coins by ordering via Chipotle's app and using the promo code HDKN236--the numerical annotation for a fireball motion--upon checkout. Check your email after and a code for some 'free' points await.

If that's too much work and if you're already a loyal Chipotleist then you can turn in 250 Rewards Points for 250 Fighter Coins. However, this exchange is limited to a total of 15,000 codes. Act fast if you've been stocking up your Chipotle Rewards.

How to win a trip to Evo 2023

Looking for greater rewards? Chipotle and Street Fighter 6 want to potentially send someone to Evo 2023. The Challenger Series promotion is a series of four tournaments based on United States regions where players will compete for the following:

  • First Place: $10,000 USD + “Evo Trip” + “Chipotle for a Year”
  • Second Place: $7,000 USD + Evo Trip + (2) $250 Digital Chipotle Gift Cards
  • Third Place: $5,000 USD + (2) $200 Digital Chipotle Gift Cards
  • Fourth Place: $3,000 USD + (2) $150 Digital Chipotle Gift Cards
  • Fifth Place Tie: $1,500 USD + (2) $100 Digital Chipotle Gift Cards
  • Seventh Place Tie: $1,000 USD + (2) $50 Digital Chipotle Gift Cards

The tournaments take place on June 17 via online play, with the Grand Finals happening July 6 at 6 p.m. PST. The winner will also be included in a documentary about the tournament that Chipotle plans to release on YouTube.

Think you have what it takes to tackle the Chipotle X Street Fighter 6 challenge? That Evo grand prize could buy a lot of mediocre burritos.

Stay tuned to for esports news and Chipotle updates.

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