VALORANT Masters Shanghai starts its final day with a Showmatch that pits teams of creators against each other on a brand-new map.

VCT Masters Shanghai is reaching its conclusion. And on the day of the Grand Finals matchup, we'll be treated to the VALORANT Masters Shanghai Showmatch. Five international creators take on five Chinese-based creators in a game of VALORANT, on the new map that will be revealed just moments prior.

We've got you covered on everything regarding the Showmatch, so you don't miss a moment of it.

VALORANT Abyss map reveal

Teasers and leaks have pointed to the new VALORANT map being named Abyss. Well, that appears to be the case as a portion of the reveal trailer leaked just hours before the Showmatch was set to introduce us to the map.

This caused Riot to pull the trigger early. They shared the full official trailer for VALORANT's newest map, Abyss. The YouTube description states it is VALORANT's full map with no boundaries. This means we'll be seeing Agents falling to their doom, right? Well, the Showmatch is our first official gameplay look, so tune in and we'll find out.

How to watch the VALORANT Masters Shanghai Showmatch

The entire tournament has been watchable through the official VALORANT channels on YouTube and Twitch. Co-streams are also a great way to watch your favorite content creators share their thoughts on the action.

But rather than go anywhere else, you can stay right here with us and watch the Showmatch in the stream embedded just above. Just come on back at 12 a.m. PDT on June 9.

VALORANT Masters Shanghai Showmatch teams and results

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)

As previously mentioned, 10 creators will take the stage to play a game on the FPS' newest map. So, here are the teams involved in the VALORANT Masters Shanghai Showmatch and how it plays out:


Team International
Team CN
Zhang Yanqi

Results and recap

Team International vs. Team CN
Abyss 11:13

The two teams mirrored Jett, Gekko, and Omen. And Team International added Neon and Raze, to make a three Duelist comp. A quick pistol round saw Team International get the Spike down and go up first. A 3K by Dohyeon followed to keep Team International in the lead.

A clean round went to Team CN, preventing Team International from converting their bonus. They tied it quite easily, shutting down the attacking push from Team Intl. Soon enough, Team CN took the lead on a Flawless round.

An absolutely bonkers teleport by Mixwell as Omen then happened, showcasing just how incredible mobility can be on this new map. This is where Team International started to pull ahead, with a 3K from Mixwell and great Neon plays from mittiii.

The Duelists began to shine for Intl, extending their lead over Team CN. We also got a look at Wingman jumping over gaps with the Spike, as the crowd went wild. The sides switched with Team International up 8:4 at the half.

The second half pistol round started with mittiii mistiming some movement as Neon, falling off the map. That helped CN grab the pistol round. They started to close the gap by taking the next, hoping to grab the bonus round as well.

That didn't happen, as Dohyeon took out three to get Team International to nine. Then the teams traded rounds, but Team International reached double digits. And more players found themselves falling off the sides of Abyss.

That still didn't keep Team International from winning rounds during this VALORANT Masters Shanghai Showmatch. Finally, though, Team CN got another round to their name to reach eight in order to try and close the gap.

A 3K from XiaoJue came in for Team CN to get even closer. They hit 10 rounds and we had ourselves a very close contest late in the game. Soon enough, Team CN won an anti-eco round to tie it at 11. A Flawless Round took them to match point, and in the next, Team CN won on Abyss in front of their home crowd.

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