TFT Set 8 finally sees Rammus debut

TFT Set 8 brings a lot of changes to the game including evergreen Augemnts.

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Every mythical Dragon in TFT Set 7 explained

TFT Set 7 hit the live servers a few days ago. gives you the run down on the new mythical dragons.

Jordan Marney
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Riot investigating Teamfight Tactics app login crashes on Samsung S22 and Tab 8

Want to play Teamfight Tactics on your shiny new Samsung Galaxy Ultra S22? Looks like there are some serious crashing issues at present.

Dustin Steiner
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Sètsuko Profile: The origins of “Sweatsuko” and the secrets of his success

We take a dive into what makes Setsuko such a formidable foe and what earned him the nickname “Sweatsuko”.

Riley "Jirachy" Matties
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Milk: A history of North America’s #1 voted TFT player, from Set 1 to Set 6

Jeffrey “Milk” Pan was voted NA’s top TFT player in January, we take a look at his career so far and what makes him so special.

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Teamfight Tactics Hyper Roll Comps: Three compositions to assure a swift victory (ft. tips from Gangly)

Thinking about getting into TFT Hyper roll? This is the ultimate guide for you on what the best compositions are at the moment.

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TFT patch 12.4 sees multiple changes to champions, traits and more

TFT Neon Nights has hit the PBE today and should officially drop on patch 12.4.

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TFT Item Tier List: Which items to use and why

We present the best items to use in the current patch and set of Teamfight Tactics. Be confused no longer!

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