The Settings menu makes it easy to turn off crossplay in MW2, but not for those playing on Xbox consoles or PC.

Crossplay is a huge selling point in the current era of gaming. It allows you to team up with friends or play against strangers on other platforms. When it comes to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, a PlayStation user can jump into a match and test their skills against someone on Xbox or even PC. Not everyone enjoys that feature, however. If you fall into that category and are on PlayStation, you can turn off crossplay in MW2 through the Settings menu and play strictly with those on the same system.

How to change the crossplay settings in MW2

Modern Warfare 2 has complete cross-platform functionality. It also allows for cross-generation play between newer and older consoles. The unfortunate thing is that Xbox and PC users cannot turn off crossplay. No reason has been given by the developers, so hopefully the option becomes available for more than just PlayStation players in the future.

Account & Network has several settings that players can toggle in MW2 (Image via
Account & Network has several settings that players can toggle in MW2 (Image via

For those running and gunning on PS4 or PS5, follow these simple and easy steps to prevent Xbox and PC players from being in your game:

  • Open Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
  • Press X to reach the main menu
  • Press the Options button to open the side menu
  • Navigate to the Settings section by using R1
  • Choose Account & Network
  • Press X on Crossplay and Crossplay Communication to turn it off in MW2

The game enables crossplay by default and you cannot change the setting in a lobby or during a match. In addition to deciding if you want to play with those on other platforms, you can choose to toggle communication with them. You can turn off Crossplay Communication to only speak with PlayStation users, but still end up in lobbies with users on Xbox or PC by keeping Crossplay on.

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