It’s time to level up that old title of yours, Cadet.

One of the most loved aspects of Helldivers 2 is that players can earn every piece of content simply by playing the game. Ranks, or titles, are no different. So, here is a complete list of the available ranks players can earn in Helldivers 2, and how to earn each.

All Helldivers 2 ranks and what level you unlock them at

As of the time of this article's release, there are 22 available titles that players can earn from playing Helldivers 2. Each of these titles, except one, is earned simply from logging hours in the game and earning XP.

Level unlocked
CadetLevel 1
Space CadetLevel 5
SergeantLevel 10
Master SergeantLevel 15
ChiefLevel 20
Space Chief PrimeLevel 25
Death CaptainLevel 30
MershalLevel 35
Star MarshalLevel 40
AdmiralLevel 45
Skull AdmiralLevel 50
Fleet AdmiralLevel 60
Admirable AdmiralLevel 70
CommanderLevel 80
Galactic CommanderLevel 90
Hell CommanderLevel 100
GeneralLevel 110
5-Star GeneralLevel 120
10-Star GeneralLevel 130
PrivateLevel 140
Super PrivateLevel 150
Super CitizenSuper Citizen Edition

What is the level cap in Helldivers 2?

After the April 2nd changes from Patch 01.000.200, the level cap of Helldivers 2 has been raised from 50 to 150. This comes, likely, as a result of how many players have been sticking around the game. And, how loyal the player base seems to be to the democratic mission of galactic freedom.

If the game's popularity continues, this level cap will continue to increase, bringing more hilarious titles along with it.

Image Courtesy of Lilith/Steam Community
Image Courtesy of Lilith/Steam Community

How to change your rank in Helldivers 2

Players can only change their ranks at the Armory aboard their ship. Once you are at the Armory, select the "Character" button, and then you should see "Title." Click that, and you will be able to see all the titles you have unlocked so far. You can then equip whichever you choose.

It took this author a while when first playing the game to realize how simple this is. So, if you are already level 15 and just finding out too, you aren't alone. We've got Automatons to worry about for crying out loud!

So, there you have it, all of the ranks in Helldivers 2, how to get them, and how to equip them! For more Helldivers 2 and general gaming content from, stay tuned!