Everything you need to know about Firefly Ascension and leveling up is here: the necessary materials and how to farm them.

Honkai: Star Rail 2.3 brings us an amazing new character, Firefly. Not only is this girl familiar to players (and loved by the community) thanks to her remarkable role in the game story, but Firefly is also a great fighter, an effective addition to any team lineup. Sure, to get the max from Firefly in Honkai: Star Rail, you need to level up the character and her Traces; ascend her and her Light Cones. Doing this quickly will let you use Firefly in the main adventures: the newest Trailblaze missions and beyond.

In this guide on esports.gg, you’ll find detailed information on Firefly Ascension and Trace materials in Honkai: Star Rail 2.3.

Firefly in Honkai: Star Rail

Firefly was announced with a brief marketing drip, mentioning her Entropy Loss Syndrome, participation in the Stellaron Hunters group, and the connection to the mechanical armor Sam.

Firefly as a character

This girl is a 5-star Fire character following the path of Destruction. She's capable of dealing significant fire damage, which is a crucial part of success in Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai: Star Rail Music video White Night features Firefly
Honkai: Star Rail Music video White Night features Firefly

How to get Firefly in Honkai: Star Rail

The Firefly Character Event Warp starts on June 18 with the start of Version 2.3. 

You need to use a Star Rail Special Pass (costs 160 Stellar Jades) to initiate warp and try to unlock Firefly in the game. As she is a 5-star character the drop rate is very small. To hack the system and get really good chances of obtaining Firefly, you need to collect nine 90 Star Rail Special Passes and initiate 90 wraps. Reportedly this method guarantees you one 5-star character. During the Firefly banner, her drop rate is increased to 75%. 

The other 5-star character coming in Honkai: Star Rail 2.3 is Jade. Apparently, she arrives in Phase 2.

Firefly level-up and Ascension materials

Right after the drop, Firefly obviously has her minimal level. You need to level her up to make the character effective in battles.

How to level up Firefly

Firefly requires a standard set of leveling-up materials/character EXP materials.

  • Lost Crystal
  • Refined Aether
  • Traveler's Guide
  • Lost Gold Fragment
  • Condensed Aether
  • Adventure Log
  • Lost Lightdust
  • Sparse Aether
  • Travel Encounters

It’s not difficult to farm character EXP materials. Simply play the game, complete missions, and regularly claim your rewards.

Firefly on the planet Penacony (image via alphacoders.com)
Firefly on the planet Penacony (image via alphacoders.com)

Firefly Ascension materials

When Firefly reaches level 20, you need to ascend her and make further leveling up possible. For this, complete Trials of Equilibrium to have corresponding Equilibrium levels and collect special Ascension materials.

Here is a list of fireflies Ascension materials for you to farm in Honkai: Star Rail. Get properly prepared for the HSR Firefly release!

Firefly’s level
Ascension materials
Credits for ascension
20x5 Tatters of Thought4,000
30x10 Tatters of Thought8,000
40x6 Fragments of Impression and x3 Raging Heart16,000
50x9 Fragments of Impression and x7 Raging Heart40,000
60x6 Shards of Desires and x20 Raging Heart80,000
70x9 Shards of Desires and x35 Raging Heart160,000

Let's summarize the number of Firefly Ascension materials and indicate where you can farm them in Honkai: Star Rail.

  • x15 Tatters of Thought 
  • x15 Fragments of Impression
  • x15 Shards of Desires
  • x65 Raging Heart
  • 308,000 Credits

To farm Firefly ascension materials, battle these Memory Zone Meme creatures: 

  • Allseer
  • Heartbreaker
  • Insatiable Vanity
  • Something In The Mirror

They may drop Tatters of Thought, Fragments of Impression, and Shards of Desires. For Raging Heart, challenge Shape of Ire: Stagnant Shadow. Got to the City Sandpit of Dewlight Pavilion to farm all of this. Credits are the basic in-game currency.

Firefly and the Trailblazer (image via hoyolab.com)
Firefly and the Trailblazer (image via hoyolab.com)

Trace materials for Fyrefly and her Light Cones

You will also need to level up the abilities of Firefly and ascend her Light Cones. Trace materials are needed for this.

Firefly Trace materials

For full leveling up of Firefly’s skills (Traces), you need:

  • x8 Tracks of Destiny
  • x12 New Echo of War boss drop
  • x18 Borisin Teeth
  • x41 Tatters of Thought
  • x56 Fragments of Impression
  • x58 Shards of Desires
  • x69 Lupitoxin Sawteeth
  • x139 Moon Madness Fang
  • 3 million Credits

Firefly Light Cone Ascension 

You sure can use different Light Cones with Firefly. She is of the Destruction path, and Light Cones of this type require such Ascension materials:

  • Shattered Blade
  • Lifeless Blade
  • Worldbreaker Blade

For two Destruction Light Cones, Flames Afar and Indelible Promise, you need:

  • Borisin Teeth
  • Lupitoxin Sawteeth
  • Moon Madness Fang

Ascending Light Cones also requires completing Trials of the Equilibrium and getting the corresponding Equilibrium level.

We still don’t have official information about Honkai: Star Rail 2.3 Light Cones. But according to some leaks, there will be two 5-star Light cones: Eternal Calculus and Yet Hope is Priceless. Both are of the Erudition path.

The official Honkai: Star Rail 2.3 stream is planned for June 7. Version 2.3 will be released on June 18. Stick around on esports.gg for everything interesting and important about the game.