The Practice Zone is the perfect playground for new players, but can you play it?

XDefiant has a Practice Zone where you can sharpen your skills. With server issues on launch day, the Practice Zone can be the perfect place for you to get a headstart and feel of the brand-new game. Here’s how to Fix the Practice Zone not working in Xdefiant.

How to Fix the Practice Zone not working in XDefiant?

Once you click Play on the XDefiant Home Screen, you will see three game modes in front of you. Each of these game modes has a different level of seriousness and a different caliber of players. The three game modes are Unranked, Ranked (Trial Run), and Practice Mode.

Players can choose either Unranked or Ranked for the time being. However, as of the time of launch on May 21, the Practice Mode is not available to players. 

Ubisoft has not yet revealed when the XDefiant Practice Zone will go live. At the time of writing on May 21, it is greyed out and is unavailable for players. We can assume that the Practice Mode will become available at a later date when Ubisoft would want new players joining the game on a more regular basis. For now, the developers are more focused on ensuring the game gets a smooth and stable launch on Day 1. Xdefiant is one of the most anticipated games of the year and for some, it is also the game that can potentially overthrow Call of Duty in their games library. 

What is the Practice Zone in XDefiant?

The Practice Zone in XDefiant is a place where you can tune your aim and your sensitivity. Games like XDefiant often require quite a bit of changes either to the crosshair or sensitivity or more before players feel comfortable enough to get into Ranked.  The Practice Zone offers the perfect opportunity for players to be ready for their next venture - be it ranked or unranked.

While there's no way to fix XDefiant Practice Zone not working, we can only hope that Ubisoft comes out with an update soon. Till then, you can enjoy unranked and ranked in the game.

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