Looks like Broken Moon is about to get a little more broken.

Season 21 of Apex Legends is fast approaching and an explosive teaser involving Olympus is catching player's attention. Recently in Apex Legends players could see Olympus sticking out of a portal in the sky. An additional recent loading screen shows Olympus seemingly exploding.

We'll break down here what this teaser is and what the most popular theories are for what it could mean for the Apex Games.

Olympus explodes over Broken Moon

Olympus isn’t the only map in peril. A recently released loading screen shows a breaking news story, titled “Disaster over Cleo”. The image shows a huge explosion with Olympus right in the center, potentially barreling down to collide with Cleo’s moon. Cleo’s moon is the location of Broken Moon, so this could impact multiple maps in Apex Legends.

What exactly is happening to the floating city? We’ll break down some theories on Olympus’s fate and how it might impact Broken Moon.

Theories about the portal


The most likely reason for Olympus’s new teleporting act is Alter. We can’t be sure exactly why Alter may be messing with the floating city, but based on her leaked information, we can assume she’s in some way involved. Alter's leaked abilities are centered around portals and voids. Since Olympus is currently sticking out of a giant floating portal, we can tie these pieces of information together.

Plus, her leaked appearance just makes her look like a fan of chaos. Just a guess.

Alter, as seen in leaked images (Image via @Osvaldatore on Twitter)
Alter, as seen in leaked images (Image via @Osvaldatore on Twitter)

Obviously, the fact that Alter would likely come out next season which this teaser is, well, teasing for makes for a compelling argument that the two are connected.


A more unlikely reason for what’s happening to Olympus currently could be related to Horizon. Right now in the lore, Horizon is working on a way to use the Time Gauntlet to return to her son. Octane recently gave it to her in an in-game comic, so we know that she could be working on the tech as Season 21 begins. Some fans believe that a mishap with the Time Gauntlet may have caused this catastrophic event for Olympus.

However, this theory seems more far-fetched than the theories involving Alter. But who knows, anything is possible in the Outlands.

What is going to happen to Olympus and Broken Moon?

Right now, it seems that the floating city is in pretty bad shape. Respawn has a habit of destroying their maps more and more as the seasons go by, but never before has a map been completely destroyed. Still, things aren’t looking good for Olympus fans. (Yes, there are dozens of us!)

Beautiful, untouched Olympus in the Season 7 Launch Trailer (Image via Apex Legends on YouTube)
Beautiful, untouched Olympus in the Season 7 Launch Trailer (Image via Apex Legends on YouTube)

With the news that Olympus has appeared in canon over Broken Moon, it seems that the city planet may crash into Cleo’s moon. There’s no way of knowing what will happen to either map, whether they crash into each other and combine or if one completely destroys the other. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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