Lifeline saves the day for Aurora.

Aurora won the EMEA ALGS Regional Finals, crowning off one of the best Pro League splits of all time. Aurora earned 161 of the maximum possible 175 points across the entire Pro League.

Their dominance has become almost run of the mill in the EMEA region. Aurora have taken to Season 20 like a duck to water, never missing a step on their way to the Split 1 Playoffs.

The other big winner of the day was OMiT, who snuck into the last EMEA Playoff spot.

Aurora use Lifeline to grab the win

Aurora have been one of the few teams to turn to Lifeline after the Season 20 changes. They have found huge success, and today her abilities were the key reason behind their victory today.

Aurora were involved in a very close and messy fight with LCDF. Hardecki, the Lifeline, was left last alive for his team. NAVI, only a duo, were all that stood in Auroras way to close out the Match Point victory.

Without Lifeline, NAVI win that game. Hardecki was able to revive both of his teammates very quickly, and at the same time. That gave Aurora the reset that allowed them to shield swap and take the fight to NAVI.

Many were skeptical of Lifeline as a pick in the ALGS. She might be somewhat situational, but if that situation wins a Regional Finals that isn't too shabby.

This dominant Aurora performance is one for the record books. Their total of 161 points out of a maximum 175 will potentially never be topped by any ALGS team ever.

The question is, can they do it at LAN?

Aurora lead Regional Finals top five:

  • AURORA - 89
  • OmIT - 78
  • Made In Heaven - 77
  • LVH - 67
  • Alliance - 58

OMiT defy the odds to qualify for LAN

Before the EMEA Regional Finals there was a lot of attention on who could snag the last few LAN spots in the region. Seven teams plus the Regional Finals winner qualify for the Split 1 Playoffs.

Attention was totally fixed on the battle between Element 6 and LCDF. However, it was neither of those teams that was able to snatch the final spot. OMiT had a small, but very real chance. They took it.

While how LCDF and Element 6 performed was out of their hands, their own performance was not. OMiT needed both teams to perform poorly, and to finish in second place minimum to qualify.

OMiT certainly did their part. They performed fantastically, consistently placing well and racking up kills. This qualification wraps up a huge comeback for OMiT. They dropped back to back third places to end off the Group Stage, which opened up that narrow window for LAN qualification.

Element 6 and LCDF will be left rueing their luck. Both teams did not perform as well as they would have expected, and needed to only place a little bit higher to qualify. It was an especially difficult day for Element 6, who finished dead last in 20th.

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