Will Timmy cause a splash?

iiTzTimmy has announced he is leaving DSG, and will be teaming with (not) Moist Esports for the remainder of the ALGS Pro League. He will join up with Wxltzy and Gild, with Emtee stepping down from the roster.

Both DSG have made very poor starts to the ALGS Pro League. Most sit in 25th, with DSG even further behind in 28th. This change could end up being a good thing for everyone involved, with both teams needing a quick turnaround if they are to qualify for the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs.

iiTzTimmy announces DSG departure

iiTzTimmy revealed the news on his stream. There was speculation that DSG would be making a roster change, after Dezignful put out an overnight tweet asking for a new third player.

However, it has come as a complete surprise that Timmy is linking up with Moist Esports. This move sees two popular and committed rosters break up. Emtee and Wxltzy have competed together for over two years, and have found huge success as a duo. Although, Emtee will be remaining around the team as a coach.

DSG, formerly The Dojo, have been a very popular squad both for their in game talent and their personalities out of game.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

Perhaps most notably is that this move comes after Dezignful almost left DSG himself. He publicly trialled with TSM during the off season, but chose to remain with iiTzTimmy and Enemy. It is doubtless that DSG's poor start to the season has impacted how willing Timmy has been to change teams.

Big challenge for Moist Esports

Timmy heads to Moist Esports with a lot of work to do. Wxltzy has hinted at some outside factors around the Moist Esports roster this split, and they will hope this roster shakeup gives them renewed momentum. The ALGS Pro League moves fast, and the regular season is already a third of the way completed.

It is not impossible for Moist Esports to make the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs. The 12 qualifying slots boost their chances significantly, however they cannot afford any more poor performances. The 0 points they earned in Sundays matches was a huge blow.

This new roster will need to hit the ground running quickly, in order to start to close the gap on the leading teams in North America.