The Apex CEO is teaming with DarkZero as his next move.

Apex icon ImperialHal has announced he is leaving TSM. The 'Apex CEO' has competed under the TSM banner since March 2019 earning almost three quarters of a million dollars with the organisation. ImperialHal also has announced he will be linking up with Zer0 and Genburten at DarkZero.

However, he has announced that now is the right time for him to leave the organisation. This decision follows a sup-par LAN event for TSM.

The multi-LAN champion explained in a video posted on X, that this decision was about him seeking a change rather than any issue with the organisation. It is not clear if he will be officially signing with DarkZero or just teaming with them. Hal recently signed with Redbull Gaming.

ImperialHal leaving TSM is the end of an era

ImperialHal departing TSM is the end of an iconic era of Apex Legends esports. TSM dominated ALGS Year 3, with an almost perfect set of LAN results. They finished 1st, 2nd and 1st across the three global events.

ImperialHal has earned over $700,000 in Apex Legends, with all of that coming while signed to TSM. He joined the organisation in 2019 and has never competed for another team until now.

What happens to Reps and Verhulst?

It is not yet clear what the future holds for Reps and Verhulst on TSM. Together they will hold a Pro League spot. However, after the departure of Raven and now ImperialHal this feels like a huge crossroads for the TSM team. Reps in particular has competed with ImperialHal for the vast majority of his career. Do they continue to compete together, look for other teams or could we see one or both of them stop competing entirely?

ImperialHal to team with DarkZero

ImperialHal has announced he will be teaming with DarkZero, for the rest of ALGS Year 4. The rumours, while initially unbelievable, have now been officially confirmed.

This is a huge final twist in the DarkZero and TSM Apex Legends rivalry.

ImperialHal will not be an 'In Game Leader' moving forward. ImperialHal has previously said he would enjoy being in a different role at some point in his career. He famously won a Twitch Rivals LAN event with Sweetdreams (also a leading IGL) in a support/fragger role.

However, while Hal is joining up with the DarkZero roster he has not (yet) officially joined the organisation. This leaves the team open to potentially joining another organisation, or negotiations and paperwork with DarkZero are simply still ongoing.

ImperialHal move means TSM and DarkZero rivalry at an end

Zer0 becoming Hal's IGL is a beautiful moment for Apex Legends. Speaking to back in London, Zer0 admitted that Hal was a major inspiration. "My first LAN I came 67th, and I watched him win, and I was like, this is what I want to do."

Now, the Australian finds himself not only on the same DarkZero team as ImperialHal, but leading that team too. It is expected that ImperialHal will offer advice and input. After all, this roster now becomes the most successful team in Apex History. Only one single ALGS LAN event has not been won by either of Zer0 or ImperialHal.

We will likely never see another rivalry as strong as TSM and DarkZero again. The chokehold that both teams had over the game always had to end at some point. Reject Winnity's LAN win probably was the official end, but ImperialHal linking up with Zer0 truly closes that chapter of Apex Legends esports.

Stay tuned to for more updates on the future of ImperialHal and all things ALGS.