Total dominance.

The all Russian Redragon roster has booked their slot at the Apex Legends Esports World Cup event. They absolutely dominated the Qualifier, wrapping up qualification before the tournament had even concluded.

Unlike in North America, only one team qualified from the EMEA region to the Esports World Cup. Redragon will join up with the eight teams that qualified via the Split 1 Pro League in Riyadh.

Following Redragon's qualification for the Split 2 Pro League in a record three games and their dominance in this qualifier, all eyes will be on them when they join the Pro League next weekend. They seem in unstoppable form, but can it carry through to the very top level?

Redragon steamroll EWC Apex Qualifier

Redragon set the tone for their qualification run in the opening game of the finals. They stormed to a 14 kill win in the first of the six games, and picked up a further two wins throughout the tournament.

Just like in the Pro League Qualifier, Redragon showed immense fighting mechanics and confidence. They are unstoppable when they get going, and they are thriving in these aggressive tournaments.

(Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
(Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Some might ask if this can translate to the Pro League, however that level will not come as a shock to Redragon. 7ozzzus and taskmast33r have competed at the highest level before and found success. 19-year-old Prestis has less experience, but is thriving with his teammates.

This performance is one of the best uses of Fuse we have seen since the release of Season 21. The addition of a Legend Upgade that allows Fuse to scan the Ring Console has opened up new potential for the grenade based legend in competitive. This may be something that we see more of in the upcoming ALGS Split 2 Pro League.

Redragon were pushed valiantly by team COLD until the final game. Apex veterans JMW and Graceful competed with CS:GO legend f0rest for the event. They performed well but ultimately could not keep pace with the dominance that the Russian squad showed.

In the end it was EXO Clan who finished closest to the eventual champions, though they were still 36 points behind Redragon.

EMEA Apex Esports World Cup Qualifier final standings:

  • Redragon - 90
  • EXO Clan - 54
  • Team Danish - 49
  • Team Kyner - 48
  • Cold - 44

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