Sources: Sentinels to sign SSG Apex Legends roster before LAN cover image

Sources: Sentinels to sign SSG Apex Legends roster before LAN

Sentinels are set to re-enter Apex Legends according to sources. They will be picking up the current SSG roster ahead of the ALGS Split 1 Playoff LAN.

Multiple sources indicate that Sentinels are set to re-enter Apex Legends. The prestigious organisation recently released their roster, ending a long standing relationship with Senoxe and Crust.

According to our sources, the Sentinels Apex roster will be Joseph "Frexs" Sanchez and Angello "Xenial" Cadenas from Spacestation Gaming. Although it is unknown if Mark "Dropped" Thees will be officially signing for Sentinels as well. Sources suggest he will instead join OpTic Gaming, but after the Split 1 LAN Playoffs in London next week. This is due to the roster lock imposed by the ALGS.

Rumours have been circulating that SSG would depart Apex Legends after LAN, and it appears that they have no intention to remain involved in ALGS going forward. SSG join G2, Cloud9 and Team Liquid in departing Apex Legends.

Sentinels Apex squad to appear at LAN

It came as no real surprise that Sentinels chose to drop their roster. They struggled across the Pro League, and finished inside the bottom eight. This means they were relegated from Pro League, and forced to compete in the Pro League Qualifier.

The announcement seemed to come as a surprise to the former Sentinels team. In his LFT post, coach Teq said "Didn't think I'd have to make this post, but the org has decided to let the team go & start fresh."

It appears that Sentinels have seized an opportunity to get their name back on the global Apex Legends stage. The former Sentinels roster did not qualify for either LAN event last year.

Xenial of SSG (Photo: EA)
Xenial of SSG (Photo: EA)

In Frexs, Xenial and Dropped they are picking up a reliable and consistent team who could easily lift the title. Not the flashiest of teams, SSG are a solid team who are ideally suited to match point. They famously came just shy of taking the ALGS Championship, but lost the deciding fight to Dark Zero who lifted the title themselves.

Dropped's time with Sentinels Apex roster could be short

However, it is unclear how the squad will operate given the disruption to their preparation. Rumours have been circulating about the trio, given some bizzare roster decisions in recent weeks. Dropped did not compete in the Oversight Playoffs with SSG. Nor was he regularly scrimming with SSG in the playoff scrims.

It was always likely to raise eyebrows seeing a LAN qualified team not scrim with their locked roster. It appears that Frexs and Xenial were using those scrims to try out with various future thirds. One source told that "Frexs and Xen have been trying to get picked up as a duo with a non confirmed 3rd for a while now".

Dropped admitted that something "out of his control" was happening on stream recently.

"Unfortunately there are things that I can't talk about. I'm not getting dropped from SSG, nothing like that. But it has not been my decision not to scrim, there have been other reasons for it and I should be scrimming with my team soon leading up to LAN," said Dropped on stream. "I am playing at LAN with SSG, just to clear up the rumours."

Dropped's comments were made on January 17th, nine days ago.

If the Oversight Playoffs are anything to go by, Sentinels long term third will be Monsoon of Complexity. It is apparent that this roster situation has become more complicated due to the ALGS roster lock. After the Pro League ended, you could not make any changes to your roster besides add a sub or replace someone who is denied a VISA.

Dropped may officially sign for Sentinels temporarily, or he may not sign and compete under SSG or as a Free Agent. It is not yet clear how this situation will be handled by the respective parties.

Dropped at the ALGS Championship (Photo: EA)
Dropped at the ALGS Championship (Photo: EA)

Straight swap for Dooplex

Dropped to OpTic has some logic behind it. OpTic struggled in the Pro League, and haven't quite found their feet since the meta shifted away from Caustic and Gibraltar.

Dooplex, who seems set to depart OpTic, fills a similar role to Dropped. CO-IGLing, and playing support or anchor legends. Dropped will bring a wealth of experience to the OpTic roster, having appeared at several LAN's and competed at the top of the Apex scene from day one. It is unclear what Dooplex has planned, he has been awol from both Twitter and Twitch for some time.

Could Dooplex be leaving OpTic? (Photo: EA)
Could Dooplex be leaving OpTic? (Photo: EA)

Announcement before LAN

Rumours have been circling that SSG would depart the Apex scene and trigger the mini roster mania after the ALGS Playoffs in London. However, sources can confirm to that Sentinels will almost certainly be appearing at LAN, with their team name already being updated behind the scenes on Battlefy.

The question will be, can the roster come together for one last hurrah before splitting ahead of the second Pro League split.

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