Recap what happened in the not so secret super secret ALGS Regional Finals.

TSM appear to have won the re-run of the ALGS Regional Finals in North America. EA attempted to play the event in secret, but Apex Legends Status automatically uploaded the results.

Thankfully, the event appears to have gone ahead without any interference from Destroyer2009. The event was recorded and will be broadcasted on March 26, at 5PT on the PlayApex channel.

ALGS admins opted to keep the first two games, scrapping the match in which Genburten first had his account compromised.

TSM turn it around when it matters (again)

While the ALGS Regional Finals were disrupted, then played in secret, the outcome is the same as most Match Point format events in Apex Legends over the last couple of years. TSM have a superhuman ability to show up in this format, no matter the meta or their circumstances.

By TSM's high standards, this had been a pretty poor ALGS Pro League split. They had never really felt comfortable in the new meta. However, writing TSM off is always a recipe for disaster in Apex Legends.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

TSM made match point after game four, dropping a huge 12 kill game on Storm Point. They needed just three games to close out a victory, ending the competition after seven games.

TSM were pressured hard by Legacy, who also found their groove after the restart. Legacy were the only team across the event to win more than one game, but only played one game on Match Point.

OpTic and XSET fall flat in ALGS Regional Finals

While the likes of TSM and Legacy found their feet after the disruption, OpTic felt the opposite impact. Of all the teams in the event, they are probably the team that will be left feeling the most hard done by. OpTic had a lot of work to do to qualify for LAN, needing a top two finish to secure their LAN spot.

They had made a great start, and started the secret ALGS Regional Finals in second overall. Dropped had said on stream how good they felt during the initial event, with confidence sky high before the disruption.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

However, this confidence did not carry over to last nights continuation. OpTic placed no higher than ninth in the five games after the restart, placing eighth overall. This is a big fall from grace for OpTic, who were one 3v3 away from winning the ALGS Championship in Birmingham last September, and now will face watching on from home this time around.

XSET contested all across ALGS Regional Finals

XSET also needed a good result in the ALGS Regional Finals. but had made a poor start to the initial event. Yet, it always seemed unlikely they would qualify as a result of being contested. Ape Gang, a team who had to win to secure their spot, chose to contest XSET on Worlds Edge.

After some choice words by Nocturnal, and the Twitter exchanges that followed, this extended to both maps. It is still possible to do well while being contested, but it is much harder. XSET benefit from good central locations on Worlds Edge and Storm Point, contesting makes them unable to take advantage of this.

Like OpTic, XSET will be a big miss at the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs.

ALGS Regional Finals top ten:

  • TSM - 80 (Match Point Winners)
  • Legacy - 72
  • Moist - 59
  • SSG - 56
  • E8 - 51
  • DarkZero - 49
  • Disguised - 41
  • OpTic - 40
  • Luminosity - 38
  • N8V - 38

Who qualified for the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs?

Now the ALGS Regional Finals have concluded, North America has their 12 representatives for the Los Angeles Playoff LAN in May.

The teams representing North America will be:

  • DarkZero
  • Moist
  • TSM
  • Legacy
  • Disguised
  • E8
  • SSG
  • Luminosity
  • Complexity
  • Cloud9
  • Oxygen Esports

Cloud9 will be a welcome sight at an ALGS LAN event. The newly signed roster saw the job out despite having less than ideal drop spots in Regional Finals. They benefited from a poor Oxygen Esports showing in the final day, and a TSM victory.

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