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What is Error Code 110 in Apex Legends and how to fix it


Apex Legends players are taking to the forums to complain about the disruptive and increasingly common Error Code 110.

Apex Legends players are all too familiar with server-side crashes and errors. These errors can be quite disruptive when they become persistent. Error Code 110 has become an increasingly common problem. A lot of player have taken to the forums and social media to talk about it, but the developers have yet to address the error.

The error predominantly turned up on PlayStation and Xbox consoles for a while. There are also reports from some PC players encountering it. The error seems to have become more frequent since the Mixtape Playlist went live in the Matchmaker, which provides a rotation of limited-time modes (LTMs) for players.

What is Apex Legends Error Code 110?

The error appears to be an issue with the servers that prevents players from logging in to their account during the loading screen. The full error goes "Unable to complete EA Account Sign In (Domain eadp::Foundation Error Code 110)." Essentially, it seems to have a problem with sending login details to Electronic Arts' domain, preventing the user from logging in to their account.

How do I fix Error Code 110 in Apex Legends?

The developers haven't commented on the issue as of yet or addressed it. However, it appears to have been a problem across Apex Legends servers worldwide. Officially, there doesn't seem to be a fix for the problem. It has become significantly less frequent, but there are still reports from some players.

It seems to be affecting console players more than PC players, and particularly those on PlayStation consoles. Most of the comments on a popular Reddit thread about the issue claim that repeatedly trying to log in works as a solution. If that doesn't work, then you can probably try restarting the game or turning your router off and on again.

In case the developers do provide an update or fix the issue, we'll update this article with relevant information. As of now, simply click on the "Retry" button until it works.

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