Snaking in Call of Duty has been highly controversial. So much so, that developers attempted to nerf the tactic. Here’s why.

The pros in the Call of Duty League often come up with exciting new strategies, tactics, and gameplay ideas that can help you dominate in competitive play. But sometimes it's questionable if certain tactics are allowed, including snaking.

Snaking is a movement trick in Call of Duty that has become prominent in the competitive scene of Modern Warfare 2. To snake, a player has to position themselves behind an object, rapidly switching between the prone crouching positions.

Snaking allows players to remain protected by cover while also getting to glimpse at certain angles. This gets intel on the opposing team without being vulnerable to incoming fire.

This sounds pretty legit so many players are wondering why it's considered controversial to snake in Call of Duty. Here's why.

Is snaking allowed in Call of Duty?

Snaking can become quite deadly in the hands of the right pro players. It's performed so quickly that it's almost impossible to hit a player that's doing it right. Meanwhile, the almost-invincible player is able to get some pretty good insight without facing harm. This has made snaking quite OP.

A lot of gamers have questioned if it should even be allowed in the Call of Duty League anymore. It's currently not mentioned in any guidelines or regulations. For now, pro players are free to snake during matches.

You can also use it while playing ranked Call of Duty at home, although some players may get frustrated with you. Players with a lower skill level may also have trouble snaking since they can't switch between the movements fast enough.