Ever wonder who the actual player characters are in the new CoD MW2? Well join us as we tell you the story of Soap and Gaz.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is one of the most iconic titles of the franchise. This is in most part due to the iconic characters and missions throughout MW2 and its multiple game long story. Each of the games focus on different groups, all within the Makarov Storyline.

In the remaster of Modern Warfare 2, you spend the majority of the game playing as both Kyle "Gaz" Garrick or Johnny "Soap" MacTavish. Yes, you heard that right. There are 2 main characters you'll be playing as in the campaign.

Who's the Player character of MW2?

The player will play as either Kyle "Gaz" Garrick or Johnny "Soap" MacTavish. Throughout the 17 mission campaign, you'll be switching between the two characters.

As the story revolves around 2 different squads of taskforce 141. This elite Taskforce is made up of only 4 members, Price the captain, Ghost, Gaz and Soap.

Throughout the missions, the team is normally split off into 2 groups; Price & Gaz and Ghost & Soap. So, depending on the mission, you'll be playing as either Gaz or Soap, while Price or Ghost is by your side. Eventually, there are missions where the whole Taskforce is at play, in which you'll be playing as Soap.

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Who are the important characters?

The main story of the MW2 remaster follows the story of Shadowforce and Taskforce 141 hunting down stolen missiles. Along the way you'll meet quite the cast of characters that are staples in the Modern Warfare franchise. Although the cast is small, the characters all play a significant role in the Modern Warefare series.

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First off, there's the bosses in charge, Laswell and Shepard. Although Shepard's morals become questionable towards the end of the story, Laswell is solid and reliable. Next up are the your partners in crime, Ghost and Price. These are the 2 other characters you'll be spending the most time with, and you'll play as the partners of these two characters. Last up is Alejandro, the leader of the Mexican Special Forces. He'll also be an integral part of the story as well as a valuable ally.

These characters in the remastered MW2 are iconic and serve immense roles in the Modern Warfare narrative. Unfortunately, there are no plans to remaster the other MW games, so this will be the last taste of these characters for a while. But on the bright side, they are operatives in the Multiplayer of MW2.

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