The decision will be made after IEM Dallas, according to HLTV.

Team Liquid and Danish CS2 in-game leader Casper "cadiaN" Møller could part ways shortly following disappointing results in the first semester of 2024.

Even though Liquid signed cadiaN ahead of the 2024 season to lead a starred roster, the organization is already exploring his benching, according to a report by HLTV on May 16. Liquid, however, won't pull the trigger until the conclusion of IEM Dallas, HLTV understands. The report comes less than a week after Astralis swiftly eliminated cadiaN and the rest of the Liquid team in the ESL Pro League Season 19 quarterfinals.

How have Team Liquid and cadiaN fared in CS2 in 2024 thus far?

Despite Liquid rebuilding its CS2 project with the additions of cadiaN, Russel "Twistzz" Van Dulken, Felipe "skullz" Medeiros, and head coach Wilton "zews" Prado to have a better shot at fighting for top championships, the experiment has gone rather wrong thus far.

Liquid most notably bowed out of the qualifiers for PGL Copenhagen Major since the additions of cadiaN and the other players, which was a huge blow to the squad. They recovered a bit post-Major, collecting back-to-back playoff appearances at IEM Chengdu and EPL in April and May, respectively.

Nonetheless, Liquid are still performing not quite up to the goals set by the players themselves when the roster changes happened.

Community reacts to cadiaN's possible removal

Though results haven't been great, nobody in the CS2 community was expecting Liquid to remotely consider parting ways with cadiaN this soon. As one could expect, fans were left in shock when they saw HLTV's report.

While we don't know the exact reason for Liquid possibly benching cadiaN other than subpar results, for now all we can speculate is that the other players haven't quite adapted to cadiaN's system. The Danish captain said in an in-depth interview with HLTV in April that his system depends on players passing on information and taking up more freedom, and they were still working on that.

We know, however, if cadiaN leaves Liquid's lineup, lots of organizations will likely line up offers from him as great in-game leaders are a rare commodity nowadays, especially teams like Fnatic, G2, and FURIA who have underperformed this year.

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