Dota 2 just released three new features on the new 7.32e patch.

Dota has just released the newest patch update with the long-awaited Muerta. In the update, Dota 2 developers Valve have announced three new features that are going to make your gameplay experience much better. These three Dota 2 features are advanced battle stats (for Dota Plus members), customizable quickcasting, and friends list improvements!

New Dota 2 features to elevate your game experience

Advanced battle stats

Dota Plus members will now have access to advanced Battle Stats right at their fingertips. You will get more in-depth statistics on your Dota 2 history with sortments by hero, role, game mode, and more. Morever, Valve has also revamped the analytics on last hitting and the support role.

Customizable quickcasting in Dota 2

In the previous version, quickcast has a blanket option where all the abilities and items will have either quickcast on key press or release. Quickcast users can now assign the key press or release function for individual abilities and items. You can check the new feature by going to your Settings>Hotkeys and selecting 'Enable Quickcast' and 'Unit Specific Hotkeys'.

Customizable quickcasting in Dota 2 7.32e
Customizable quickcasting in Dota 2 7.32e

Friends list improvements

The friend list improvements are long overdue. You can now put your favorite people on top of your Friends List. No more searching through your long list of friends to find the people you've been playing with every day. Moreover, Dota 2 also enhanced the Friend Search feature so you won't lose your friends anymore!

Friends List Update (Image from Dota 2)
Friends List Update (Image from Dota 2)

Overall, these are some fantastic, if not small quality of life changes to really sink your teeth into until the big 7.33 patch release. We're especially happy about the friends list changes, which will honestly make things a lot easier to navigate!

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