The Dota Plus Summer 2023 update has arrived and with it comes a new treasure and much more. Join us as we break down the update.

The Dota Plus update for Summer 2023 has arrived. And with it comes a brand new treasure and new seasonal quests. As per each season, Dota Plus updates with brand new content for Dota 2 players to enjoy. And this season is no different. So, let's dive into what the summer update is bringing to the Dota 2 community!

The Dota Plus Summer 2023 Treasure

The new treasure of the 2023 Summer Dota Plus season brings eight new guaranteed items as well as a new Mythic rare courier. There are new cosmetic bundles for Zeus, Ember Spirit, Axe, Troll Warlord, Treant Protector, Oracle, Queen of Pain and surprisingly Sand King. Although as per usual with Dota Plus seasonal treasure chests, they aren't too special. Only two out of the 8 sets have ambient effects.

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It's refreshing to see a new sets for these heroes. It feels like years since we've seen new sets for some of these heroes. In terms of the seasonal rare courier of the treasure, the Dota Plus 2023 summer update brings Moil the Fettered. This adorable little winged specter comes with a random effect and prismatic gem, as per every grand prize of the seasonal treasure. Additionally, items from previous treasures are available to purchase for 15,000 shards. These sets can be found in the Legacy sets in the Dota Plus Shard shop.

Updated Seasonal Quests and Guild Rewards

As per tradition, there are also updates to the guild rewards and seasonal quests. The full list of new and updated quests is not available. However, the Dota 2 Blog Seasonal Update blog explains that there are up to 115,200 shards that can be earned throughout the season. Which has to be some sort of record of most shards to be earned. Additionally there are new guild rewards. These include new emotes, chat wheel lines and sprays for guilds to use.

Guild rewards of the new Dota Plus season
Guild rewards of the new Dota Plus season

Lastly, the blog acknowledges the loss of a beloved community member, Mi "YammerS" Hongwei. As a memento to him and his legacy, Valve has included one of his most popular voice lines as a Platinum-tier guild reward.

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