The Mournful Revenant arrives! Check out Muerta’s attributes, abilities, lore, and talent tree here.

The new Dota 2 hero, Muerta, is finally out! This Mexican folklore figure will soon haunt our pubs as a wave of Dota 2 players eagerly flock to try her out. Patch 7.32e dropped many updates including new features in Dota, hero tweaks, and an exciting Muerta mini-game. In this article, we will focus on breaking down everything related to the new Dota 2 hero Muerta, including her abilities, talent tree, and history.

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All of Muerta's abilities

Muerta is a designated carry hero that can fear units and attack ethereal forms. Her abilities are Dead Shot, The Calling, Gunslinger, and Pierce the Veil. See the demo of her abilities here.

Dead Shot

Dead Shot is Muerta's first ability (Q). This ability lets you shoot a magical bullet at an enemy unit or a tree. The bullet will damage and slow enemies that it hits. After hitting the unit, it will then bounce in a targeted direction. Once it bounced, all enemy units that it passes through will be feared from the impact.

This works much like Marci's Rebound which needs you to select one point and target a second direction or path. While the first target of the bullet receives damage and slow, the second hit (which passes through units) will affect them with "fear".

The Calling

The Calling is Muerta's second ability (W). This magical spell summons four revenants that slowly circle a targeted location. Enemies in the area will have their movement speed and attack speed slowed. These revenants also deal damage and silence those that pass through them.

This spell is like a hybrid of Warlock's Upheaval and IO's Spirits. It is an AoE slow that is guarded by these "revenants" and if enemy units pass through these revenants, they will be silenced.


Gunslinger is Muerta's third ability (E). This is a passive ability that gives Muerta a chance to fire a second shot at another enemy unit. Heroes are prioritized more than other units.

Gunslinger is definitely the spell that allows Muerta to deal as much damage as she can. This is like Medusa's Multishot except it has a chance. Nevertheless, the chance is at 50% for level 4 which already makes it lethal.

Pierce the Veil

Muerta's fourth ability and ultimate is Pierce the Veil (R). This ultimate transforms Muerta into a ghost, turning her immune to physical damage. All her attacks, on the other hand, are transformed to magical damage. While in her ult form, she gains bonus attack damage and phased movement, which means she can walk through units.

Pierce the Veil is very unique and this makes Muerta unlike any other carry heroes in Dota 2. She is able to exude high attack damage but once she transforms into her ult form, she becomes a high magic damage hero. Truly the best of both worlds!

Muerta attributes

Muerta is an Intelligence hero as her INT stats are the highest and scales the best. She starts the game with 19 Strength, 22 Agility, and 24 Intelligence. She is most suitable played as a carry hero, courtesy of her multishot passive and high damage ultimate.

Muerta has relatively low attack damage at the start of the game with 48-56, however, her projectile is very fast.

Talent Tree

Here is Muerta's talent tree from Level 10 to 25.

  • Level 10: +8 Strength vs +100 Dead Shot damage
  • Level 15: +25 damage vs +250 Dead Shot cast range
  • Level 20: The Calling summons 2 additional revenants vs 2 Dead Shot charges
  • Level 25: +25% magic resistance vs +20% Gunslinger chance

Lore and history

Like every Dota 2 hero, Muerta has a back story that complements her theme. Muerta's history tells her beginning, of how she was filled with hate due to those who killed her. But her hate was so potent that she refused to die and Death, who was impressed with her drive, gifted her two guns, Mercy & Grace, letting her hunt for souls.

Here is the full lore of Muerta:

"There are as many stories about Muerta as there are graves in the Carrion Fields of Gorm. Some tell their children ghost stories of a young peasant girl returned from the dead to punish the bandits who killed her family. Others, drunk in dark taverns, slur conspiracy theories about kidnappings and phantom guilds of killers.

One constant bleeds through every tale: of a woman so consumed by hate for those who killed her that she refused to die. And of Death, so impressed by whatever hate-filled engine that drove this woman that he gave her Mercy and Grace — twin ethereal pistols — and made her his second in command. Now she hunts down wayward souls whose last grains have tumbled from their hourglass, and drags them kicking and screaming to their eternal reward."

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