The Genshin Impact University Carnival USA got underway this week with four west-coast universities qualifying for the LAN Finals!

The second qualifier for The Genshin Impact University Carnival USA saw an equally enthusiastic lineup of students trying to secure their LAN spot. With a unique format and a level-playing field, the Genshin Impact University Carnival USA saw players come up with innovative strategies and playstyle to get ahead.

The tournament had a unique format with players required to complete a list of objectives while ensuring they stick together at all times. Teams were competing against each other for the quickest time. Any content completed without the entire team present would not count, so teams had to often wait for their teammates to arrive before completing objectives, a true test of teamwork!

Kazuha a popular choice

Part of the challenge of the Genshin Impact University Carnival USA is to be able to cross the terrain between domains as fast as possible. In order to achieve this different teams used different tactics, but Kazuha was a popular choice.

Kazuha's secret elemental skill allows him to rise into the air on a gust of wind, and this can be performed mid-air.

With several elevated terrain to cross, the University of Nevada Reno made good use of him, and also finished with the quickest time of 21 minutes and 47 seconds.

"We had obviously practiced the stage in advance once we got the rulebook. We noticed before the routes even changed, there was a lot of elevation-type terrain. So we figured we can just get up as fast as possible.

We can just beeline it to where we need to go and just cut any turns out and we tried a couple of things. if you have a Kazuha and two Ventis, it does the same thing. So we're just like let's just do a triple Kazuha cause it works."

Chris shared his thoughts on their practice coming into the Genshin Impact University Carnival USA qualifiers
Chris P from Nevada Reno came on to talk Kazuha
Chris P from Nevada Reno came on to talk Kazuha

Genshin Impact University Carnival West Results

Teams often faced several difficulties including falling down to their death (Arrowlyte!), but they also saved every second they could to get closer to victory.

  • University of Nevada Reno - 21:47:92
  • University of Washington - 22:16:02
  • University of California, Los Angeles (2) - 24:09:56
  • University of California, Irvine (2) - 24:31:74

Despite having a player lag out of the game, UCLA still had a decent timing, making it to the top four. With time being the most important factor, every second counts. It is important to note that the two University of California teams were the second teams from their respective universities. 

One of the teams in the tournament also used an in-game quest to activate the Wind Tunnels to help them get across something. While there weren’t a lot of crazy plays like that, this one in particular was very impressive to watch from a viewer’s perspective. 

The four universities have now qualified for the LAN finals which will take place on October 29 at Seattle, Washington at Gameworks. For more information and updates follow the eFuse Twitter account.

Fans can meet with their favorite players and Rin and Ying have also hinted at their presence at the event. Fans can expect mini-games going on at the venue along with several other activities.