Three of the top ten most-watched Orgs have a heavy Mobile esports presence.

2021 was a landmark year in esports. It was the year when esports tournaments were slowly trying to get back to LAN, to recover from the pandemic’s effect in 2020. Here are the most-watched esports teams of 2021. 

The outcome of this list is impacted by the team’s popularity and their results. The list comprises a mix of international esports orgs as well as a few mobile-focused teams. The data is brought to you by

  1. Team Liquid - 117152671
  2. Natus Vincere - 104657157
  3. T1 esports - 104574861
  4. DWG Kia - 100.96 M
  5. G2 esports - 100.1 M
  6. Evos - 98.56 M
  7. Rex Regum Qeon - 84.86 M
  8. Fnatic - 77.21 M
  9. Gambit Esports - 76.65 M
  10. ONIC Esports - 73.31 M

Team Liquid: Most watched esports org of 2021

Team Liquid was the most-watched esports organization in 2021. Despite none of its teams dominating their games, the organization still had a 43% increase compared to 2020. Liquid’s CS: GO team accounted for just 33.5% of the hours watched. A similar comparison for other top teams (Navi or T1 esports) showed that their top titles accounted for more than 70% of hours watched. 

Navi coming in the second position is no surprise. The organization’s CS: GO roster won the PGL Stockholm Major, the first time for the org despite its long history in the game. 

Probably one of the biggest climbs in the rankings was for T1 esports. The organization nearly doubled its watch-hours compared to last year with its Dota 2 squad accounting for nearly 25%. The majority of the rest of the hours watched belonged to the org’s League of Legends roster with the semi-final match between T1 and DWG Kia being the second most popular match of the tournament. 

Indonesian organization, EVOS has multiple squads in MLBB and comes in at the 6th place in the rankings. EVOS also has teams in Arena of Valora and LoL: Wild Rift, signaling the popularity of the mobile esports genre. 

Rex Regum Qeon is yet another esports organization from Indonesia in the top ten. The org has teams in several titles, although its primary focus remains with the MLBB squad. 

Rounding out the top ten list were Fnatic, Gambit esports and ONIC esports. 

2021 was a year when esports was still reeling back from the 2020 pandemic. Even as we enter 2022, there are events being canceled or moved to an online format as we see new COVID variants emerge. As different teams adopt various business models, it will be interesting to see which of these teams make it to the most watched esports orgs of 2022 list.

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