The TenZ and Finalmouse mice collaboration was sold out in a matter of hours, accumulating $7.6 million in revenue.

The mice collaboration between Tyson "TenZ" Ngo and Finalmouse hits it out of the park! The Valorant pro player and streamer merged forces with premium gaming brand, Finalmouse to bring the STARLIGHT PRO - TenZ edition, which gained a lot of reception. Tenz's mouse went available for sale on July 17th and was sold out within a couple of hours. With 40,000 mice sold, the TenZ mouse accumulated a gross sale of $7.6 million USD.

TenZ x Finalmouse collab is a huge success

TenZ is one of the most popular figures not only in Valorant but also in esports. The 21-year-old Canadian is big as a content creator on top of playing Valorant professionally for Sentinels. With a massive 2.9 million followers on Twitch and 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube, his name evolved into a brand. It is not a surprise when fans were swarming to get their hands on a mouse with his name on it.

TenZ first hinted at a collaboration with Finalmouse in late February and built up the hype with dope trailers, promotions, and a giveaway. The TenZ mouse went live on July 17th, with a total of 40,000 Starlight Pro TenZ editions ready for grabs. Finalmouse presents Tenz's mouse in a silver color with the signature Finalmouse honeycomb design with improvements on other parts. Holding on to Finalmouse's key feature, the TenZ mouse is the lightest in the world and it holds a long battery life.

Finalmouse is an elite brand and it marks its prices above any normal gaming mice with a cost of $189.99 each. Nonetheless, the entire collection was dried up only 7 hours after launch, proving the success of the collaboration.

A bizarre event

This kind of collaboration is rare in the esports world. We have already seen public figures in other industries, namely traditional sports, have athletes collab with huge brands. But this kind of crossover is a rarity in esports and we have yet to see it happen more. TenZ's mouse collaboration success proves why it should be a more common event.

How much did TenZ make from the Starlight Pro TenZ mouse?

With 40,000 total mice sold out at a price of $189.99 USD each, the total sales of Starlight Pro TenZ edition hit $7.6 million USD. TenZ will be getting a cut from the $7.6M but the exact amount is not disclosed.

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