Sentinels announce the signing of ‘Valorant Content King’ Tarik

Tarik, the “Content King” of Valorant has signed on with Sentinels ahead of the start of Valorant Champions 2022.

James Bassett

James Bassett Valorant Game Page

TenZ and Finalmouse collab rakes in $7.6 million in only 7 hours

The TenZ and Finalmouse mice collaboration was sold out in a matter of hours, accumulating $7.6 million in revenue.

Sarah "KZ" Zulkiflee

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Another Valorant “Pros vs Noobs” event revealed featuring tarik, TenZ, Valkyrae, and more

More exciting showdown will accompany fans as DisguisedToast reveals another Valorant Pros vs Noobs event with tarik and TenZ!

Sarah "KZ" Zulkiflee

Sarah "KZ" Zulkiflee Streamers Game Page

100Thieves could have acquired TenZ for $2 million in 2021 says Cloud9 CEO

NA Valorant would have had a different look today.

James Bassett

James Bassett Valorant Game Page

Pros VS Noobs event featuring SEN TenZ, NRG som versus Valkyrae, Sykkuno a smashing success

The event allowed the audience to experience a sight rarely seen – your favorite pro players playing against your favorite streamers. Let’s just say it was a thrilling experience.

Sofea Zulkiflee

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VCT Champions: Sentinels survive nerve-racking match against Furia

Sentinels got their Valorant Champions run underway with a very tense match against Group B underdogs Furia Esports.

James Bassett

James Bassett Valorant Game Page

VALORANT Pro Settings: Play like TenZ, ScreaM, WARDELL, and Hiko

Play like the best with this guide to their Mouse and sensitivity settings, keybinds, crosshair, and graphics settings.

Shawn "Germanicus" Heerema

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Sentinels completes TenZ buyout after VCT Masters Reykjavik victory

“Tenz is here to stay!” It was almost inevitable to see TenZ move away from Cloud9 following Sentinels victory at Masters Reykjavík, and it is now confirmed.

Mostafa "Mostafeto" Salem

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