All the announcements from the special Version 2.3 stream “Farewell, Penacony” are here.

The soon-coming character event warps in the updated game Honkai: Star Rail 2.3 are among the most anticipated ever! Specifically, players are eager to try and obtain the 5-star character from Version 2.3 Phase 1. The other parts of this next chapter in the Trailblazers' adventure are also pretty exciting. We discuss them all in this post on the new Trailblaze mission, characters and Light Cones in two Phases, and events with valuable rewards.

Honkai: Star Rail 2.3 stream “Farewell, Penacony”

All the details of new content in Version 2.3 of Honkai: Star Rail were revealed during the special stream, named “Farewell, Penacony”. If you have time to enjoy the show, here it is, in the video below.

Farewell, Penacony, the newest Trailblaze mission

The main story adventure continues in a new area, The Radiant Feldspar. It's a luxurious air-ship that floats over the planet Penacony. It was closed for public visits as a family place. Now, everything can change, and the Astral Express сrew should help with this.

Honkai: Star Rail 2.3 character event warps

Following the official drip marketing posts, two 5-star characters were shown in the Farewell, Penacony stream: Firefly and Jade. Sure, we got some interesting details about them during the stream.

Firefly banner

This girl is really important for the game story — and probably for the Trailblazer’s heart. The community was over-excited about the reveal of Firefly as a Honkai: Star Rail playable character.

Let’s summarize everything that was confirmed on the stream.

  • Firefly is a 5-star Fire character; her path is Destruction.

Firefly character event warp starts with Phase 1 of Honkai: Star Rail 2.3, on June 18. Have you prepared enough Star Rail Special Passes to try and get her?

Firefly (image via Honkai: Star Rail)
Firefly (image via Honkai: Star Rail)

Firefly kit includes:

  • Technique — Order: Meteoric Incineration. Firefly transforms into the mechanical armor Sam, roams around the area spotting opponents, and then attacks them. Weakness can be applied even if an opponent doesn’t have Fire Weakness.
  • Skill, Aerial Bombardment — the skill for Sam’s initial form. The character uses HP and regenerates Ultimate energy.
  • Talent, Chrysalid Pyronexus — with HP getting lower, Firefly (Sam) gets less damage.
  • Ultimate, Firefly Type-IV: Complete Combustion —  Sam enters the second battle form, which increases Speed and Basic Attack DMG.
  • Enhanced Basic Attack, Firefly Type-IV: Pyrogenic Decimation — the efficient Fire Weakness Break and the amount of damage dealt by the Weakness Break increase. Also, each attack restores Firefly (Sam’s) HP.
  • Enhanced Skill, Deathstar Overload — while in the second battle form, Sam has higher Toughness reduction with the Enhanced Skill and can inflict Fire Weakness.

As Firefly’s kit is whirling around Weakness Break, it is a good idea to team her up with a character who boosts it. Firefly herself recommends a Harmony Trailblazer for this.

Jade banner

This character is a serious professional. Jade is the director of the strategic investment department at the Interastral Peace Corporation. 

  • Jade is a 5-star Quantum character; her path is Erudition.

Here is Jade’s kit in HSR:

  • Basic Attack, Order, Flare Propulsion — Jade deals Blast DMG to a chosen target and to opponents nearby.
  • Skill, Acquisition Surety — this one is very unusual, as Jade signs a contract with an ally and gives them enhancement and speed boost buffs. The benefits come at the cost of HP reduction for the ally with their every attack. Jade can sign this contract with herself, having no speed boost or HP consumption.
  • Talent, Fang of Flare Flaying — it’s a passive ability to land a follow-up attack when Jade has accumulated enough charge from her signed contracts.
  • Ultimate, Vow of the Deep — this attack deals DMG to all opponents and increases the power of Jade’s follow-ups.
  • Technique, Visionary Predation — Jade prevents surrounding opponents from attacking her during exploration. Attacking a victim of this technique applies starting DMG to all opponents.
Jade (image via Honkai: Star Rail)
Jade (image via Honkai: Star Rail)

Character reruns in Honkai: Star Rail 2.3

With the banners of two new characters, players can rerun characters to drop.

In Phase 1, Firefly’s character event warp has:

  • Ruan Mei, a 5-star Ice character; her path is Harmony
  • Gallagher, a 4-star Fire character, the path of Abundance
  • Misha, a 4-star Ice character, the path of Destruction
  • Xueyi, a 4-star Quantum character, the path of Destruction
Firefly banner (image via Honkai: Star Rail)
Firefly banner (image via Honkai: Star Rail)

In Phase 2, Jade’s character event warp has:

  • Argenti, a 5-star Physical character; his path is Erudition
  • Serval, a 4-star Lightning character, the path of Erudition
  • Natasha, a 4-star Physical character, the path of Abundance
  • Asta, a 4-star Fire character, the path of Harmony
Jade banner (image via Honkai: Star Rail)
Jade banner (image via Honkai: Star Rail)

Light Cone event warps in Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.3

As for Light Cones, the game has two Phases for these buff items too.

Light Cones of Phase 1

  • Whereabouts Should Dream Rest, 5 stars, path of Destruction — a new Light Cone, perfect for Firefly
  • Past Self in Mirror, 5 stars, path of Harmony — it’s a great Light Cone for Ruan Mei
  • Shared Feeling — a 4-star Light Cone, path of Abundance
  • Trend of the Universal Market — a 4-star Light Cone, the path of Abundance
  • After the Charmony Fall — a new 4-star Light Cone, path of Erudition
Phase 1 Light Cones (image via Honkai: Star Rail)
Phase 1 Light Cones (image via Honkai: Star Rail)

Light Cones of Phase 2

  • Yet Hope is Priceless, 5 stars, path of Erudition — a new Light Cone; it’s for Jade
  • An Instant Before a Gaze, 5 stars, path of Erudition — a Light Cone for Argenti
  • Memories of the Past — a 4-star Light Cone, path of Harmony
  • Day One of My New Life — a 4-star Light Cone, path of Preservation
  • Eyes of the Prey — a 4-star Light Cone, path of Nihility
Phase 2 Light Cones (image via Honkai: Star Rail)
Phase 2 Light Cones (image via Honkai: Star Rail)

Events and rewards

Version 2.3 brings an exciting addition to Honkai: Star Rail adventures. Players have more game modes to enjoy! The rewards are highlighted on the events’ posters below.

  • Divergent Universe: The Human Comedy — it’s a new game mode, connected to research of humans in the Simulated Universe. To participate in the event, go to The Radiant Feldspar. Here, the Trailblazers can use all the characters they possess. Their level can be increased as well as temporary Light Cones and Relics can be provided.
Divergent Universe: The Human Comedy (image via Honkai: Star Rail)
Divergent Universe: The Human Comedy (image via Honkai: Star Rail)

Divergent Universe brings the Honkai: Star Rail players another new Light Cone. 

  • Eternal Calculus — 5 star, path of Erudition; it is in the Store.
<em>Eternal Calculus (image via Honkai: Star Rail)</em>
Eternal Calculus (image via Honkai: Star Rail)
  • Apocalyptic Shadow is a new permanent game mode. It allows the Trailblazers to face previous bosses again.
<em>Apocalyptic Shadow (image via Honkai: Star Rail)</em>
Apocalyptic Shadow (image via Honkai: Star Rail)

With the addition of Apocalyptic Shadow, the Honkai: Star Rail permanent game modes will be rotating. The schedule for Version 2.3 is shown on the image below.

<em>Game modes rotation (image via Honkai: Star Rail)</em>
Game modes rotation (image via Honkai: Star Rail)

Other events of Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.3 include:

  • Origami Bird Clash, a match 3 arcade game
  • Stellar Shimmer, turn-based fights with various conditions
  • Gift of Odyssey, daily sign in bonuses
  • Planar Fissure, double Planar Ornament rewards in the Simulated Universe and the Divergent Universe
  • Realm of the Strange, double rewards in Caverns of Corrosion

Also the game has new Relics, Planar Ornaments, and an Erudition Trace Material.

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