BLAST R6 NAL Day 1 games postponed – here’s why cover image

BLAST R6 NAL Day 1 games postponed – here’s why

Servers issues postpone the first day of NAL.

The first day of BLAST R6 NAL (North America League) has been postponed. The reason given by the teams, players and official profile of the competition is server issues.

Thus, the debut of the first stage of the North American league was postponed and rescheduled.

BLAST R6 NAL - Day 1 games postponed

Server issues postponed the first day of Stage 1 of BLAST R6 NAL. According to what was possible to gather information, players were unable to connect to the servers that remained down during the night. The games that would take place yesterday were then rescheduled for today.

Therefore, Rainbow Six Siege fans will be able to watch the following games today on NAL:

Luminosity Gaming

Rainbow Six Siege issues

Servers down were a headache for Rainbow Six Siege players, not just competitors. In the patch transition with new updates, this is an experience that is not unique for players.

In the most recent update, the Deadly Omen operation was launched with emphasis on the new operator Deimos. Rainbow Six Siege has been improving in its numbers of active players after a great celebration of R6 esports which was the Six Invitational.

North America League - Stage 1

For the first day of BLAST R6 NAL, after the games were postponed, we can expect great clashes and a new season with interesting stories.

David "iconic" Ifidon signed with Spacestation and reunites with some players he was with at Astralis. Oxygen brought the Brazilian duo that was in M80: Lucas "DiasLucasBr" Dias and Arthur "GMZ" Oliveira.

iconic reunites with old teammates (Image via Ubisoft/@ItsKirillVision)
iconic reunites with old teammates (Image via Ubisoft/@ItsKirillVision)

M80 appears with a renewed look, keeping star William "Spoit" Löfstedt, bringing back Leonardo "Kyno" Figueiredo who was on the bench and signing Gabriel "cameram4n" Hespanhol, Ben "CTZN" McMillan and Adam "nudl" Hryceniak.

LOS leaves Brazil and joins NAL with a completely renewed roster and staff. Despite the good Six Invitational, Soniqs changed two pieces bringing Atom and Bryan "Merc" Wrzek.

On the other hand, Mirage faces this split with strong allegations of debts owed to players and staff. In this way, Team SBL, a team from the talent agency SBL Management, took over the operation of this team, despite still competing under the 'Mirage' tag.