Operation Deep Freeze release postponed for further testing cover image

Operation Deep Freeze release postponed for further testing

There’s no launch date just yet for Rainbow Six Siege Operation Deep Freeze.

Ubisoft has announced a delay for the final season update to Rainbow Six Siege. The new update - Operation Deep Freeze - will not be released on November 28 as initially planned. The developers have not yet revealed the Rainbow Six Siege Y8S4 release date at the time of writing.

Rainbow Six Siege update delayed

Operation Deep Freeze was the fourth and final season for Rainbow Six Siege Year 8. Operation Deep Freeze has been one of the highly anticipated updates to Rainbow Six Siege. 

We have decided to postpone the release of Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 8 Season 4, Operation Deep Freeze for further testing to ensure the best possible experience for players.

We’ll share details on the new date as soon as we can.

Ubisoft on social media

While there is no official launch date for the new update, we have made an educated guess based on some recent announcements.

What’s new in Operation Deep Freeze?

The new update adds a new map, a new operator, Tubarão, and several operator balance changes to the game. The chilly new operator is the theme of the new operation - Deep Freeze - as well as the location of the new map.

Tubarão can freeze and overchill areas of the map, which slows oncoming enemies as well as freezes enemy equipment. The operator is a defensive one and adds a lot of versatility with his equipment. It will be very interesting to see how the community as well as the esports scene adds Tubarão to their compositions. 

The new map - Lair - is a multi-level map with several strategic entries and exits. There are three different levels on this map and each level has a different theme, adding to the map’s unique nature.

Esports.gg will provide regular updates with any new information about the release time and more information about Rainbow Six Siege Y8S4 Operation Deep Freeze.