w7m have announced their new roster.

Six Invitational champion, w7m announced their new R6 roster. The organization's latest team sees the return of a familiar face and the addition of three former LOS players.

w7m is preparing to debut with their new R6 roster in the Brazil League next Saturday.

w7m R6 2024 roster

  • Gabriel "volpz" Fernandes
  • Júlio "LOBIN" Gabriel
  • Leonardo "d4sh" Lopes
  • João "Dotz" Miranda
  • Denis "Dodez" Navas
  • Gustavo "Norris" Junior (coach)
  • Bruno "thug" Ferreira (analyst)
Dodez and volpz are two of the faces for the new w7m (Image via w7m)
Dodez and volpz are two of the faces for the new w7m (Image via w7m)

New w7m R6 roster

After building a legacy last year, w7m lost their lineup to FURIA. However, w7m did not give up and maintained its commitment to Rainbow Six Siege for 2024 and beyond.

LOBIN, d4sh and Dotz arrive from LOS to sign with w7m. Coach Norris also transitions players from LOS to w7m. LOS was a finalist at the Atlanta Major, losing in the final to the inevitable w7m.

In a year below expectations at Team Liquid, volpz returns to w7m to lead the new project. The 20-year-old played for the Bulls in 2022, reaching the final of the 2023 Six Invitational.

volpz returns to w7m after a year in Liquid (Image via w7m)
volpz returns to w7m after a year in Liquid (Image via w7m)

Dodez completes the new w7m R6 roster for 2024. The player was one of the surprises of last season with E1, winning the RUSH SERIES Summer. Thug left Black Dragons to join w7m to be w7m's new analyst.

A new start for w7m

w7m's new R6 roster from arrives with high expectations. Although performances of same standard as last year cannot be expected, w7m have managed to bring together good and experienced players.

On the one hand, Dodez will have the opportunity he has been asking for for so long. On the other hand, volpz will play the role of IGL for the first time.

To the press, the CEO of w7m, Felipe Funari said:

“We have always focused on organizing and professionalizing teams here at w7m. No player will own the team, together with the coach, everyone has a voice, and responsibilities and is equally important. We are known for revealing talent, for betting on new names and for transforming a team into a family. We are very happy with this new composition and we are sure that we can have another successful year here”

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