Players can get two brand new car bodies with the Rocket Pass Premium

Psyonix has revealed what Rocket League fans can expect anew with the new Season 14. Rocket League Season 14 will feature a revamped Aquadome, two new sports cars in the Rocket Pass Premium as well as details on the Tournament rewards.

What’s new in Rocket League Season 14?

New Edition of Aquadome Arena

There’s a new location of the AquaDome Arena near the coast of Salty Shores. The AquaDome (Salty Shallows) is the newest edition of the AquaDome. What does this mean for the average Rocket League player? 

For starters, fewer predators are roaming the dome all around. There’s also a new playlist of Lofi tunes which also includes the season’s theme song - Ghost by Monstercat artist, Direct.

What else is there in Rocket Pass Premium?


All players who purchase the Rocket Pass Premium will start out with the Admiral Car Body. They will have to steer themselves through the levels to get their hands on the Mako Car Body. With new Paint Finishes and Antennae, there’s a lot to unpack in the new Rocket League Season 14. 

Tournament Rewards - More Lasers

There are Goal explosions, Laser beam boosts, laser trail, and more as part of the Rocket League Tournament Rewards. Players who complete the season will gain access to the various Rocket League Competitive rewards. To view what reward you get at the end of the season, you can check out the article below.

Rocket League Season 13 is currently underway and will come to an end on March 6. The new season, Rocket League Season 14, will start on March 6, 2024, and will continue till June 5, 2024.