MrBeast’s Squid Game gives away $456,000 – a lot less lethally cover image

MrBeast’s Squid Game gives away $456,000 – a lot less lethally

Mr. Beast’s Squid Game competition gives a much more PG version of the hit Netflix show, but still manages to be compelling.

Netflix's Squid Game was perhaps one of the most runaway success stories that the streaming platform has ever had. While its ending may have proved divisive to some fans due to its twist to parallel something from M Night Shamalyan, the concept as a whole certainly proved provocative. If one was to open TikTok or any social media platform, the memes were flowing heavily.

Enter Mr. Beast. Well known already for giving away ridiculous sums of money for tasks ranging from the mundane (I'll buy anything you can carry!) to the outrageous (We filled up someone's yard with water beads!), Squid Game seemed well placed for the man to give away some money by parroting the show's tasks.

The show, which runs for about 26 minutes total, gives away $456,000 to one lucky contestant who managed to get all the way through Squid Game's various tasks.

Of course, the Squid Game was meant to be a commentary on the human condition, capitalism, and how far money will make people go. As such, the "Brawl Stars" logo and sponsorship on the cash prize container might have been just a bit missing the point, but we digress. It was still an entertaining and well edited romp through Squid Game's competitions, and certainly a bit more PG.

If you're looking for some Thanksgiving weekend entertainment, you could do a lot worse than Mr. Beast's productions. And since this is PG, you can even show it to the little ones.

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