K Rool Smash players: This popular Alligator Twitter account MIGHT sponsor you cover image

K Rool Smash players: This popular Alligator Twitter account MIGHT sponsor you


Are you a K Rool main in Smash looking for a gator-based sponsor? Then read on, roll the clip, and learn more!

No doubt that it's hard out there for players dedicated to low-tier characters. At best you're seen as a one-trick pony, pulling out a Hakan in the biggest Street Fighter IV tournament of the year. At worst you're seen as a troll. However, the light eternal does occasionally shine on all us defenders of the unplayed. And while it's probably just a fun joke, K Rool players in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate may have their chance to get sponsored through the best and flattest gator-based Twitter account around.

"It's Flat F*ck Friday"

Twitter is full of accounts that kind of become known for one thing. Whether it's the Wii Shop Wednesday poster or a weekly post of Daniel Craig welcoming us to the weekend. However, one of my personal favorites is an account called Gators Daily. Specializing in photos of everyone's favorite large lizard Alligator mississippiensis the account has acquired over half a million followers.
How? Primarily through their weekly reposting of a catchy song burned into the brains of folks to the tune of over seven million total views.


Consider the surprise to find that these scaly, flat kings do, infact respond when a poster jokingly asked about Smash sponsorship. MrSwamish, a proclaimed K Rool Smash Bros. main, tagged the account saying that Gators Daily should sponsor a player of everyone's favorite Donkey Kong Country villain.
And what do you know, Gators Daily put out the call and immediately received a deluge of follow-up posts. Of course, we realize this is the internet and everything is ironic, so there's probably nothing serious here. However, you'd have to give it up to any player dedicated to a character so niche and low-tier that they'd try and get sponsored by a joke Twitter account.
That said, King K Rool is pretty low on the Smash tier hierarchy. Though occasionally reported as the winner of smaller, out of the way tournaments the king's play percentage remains miniscule. Tournament tracker SSB World reports that K Rool as a Smash main pick comes in around 0.6 percent of chosen fighters and with a record of 185-231. Likewise, EventHubs somewhat out-of-date tournament tracker sees the cruel one at a 1.3 percent usage.
Maybe there's hope. After all, Gators Daily is all about good vibes and feeling as flat as possible. Until then, it's just time to roll the clip and prepare for Friday once more, like we do every week.
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