Looking cool, Joker!

Leonardo "MkLeo" Perez is considered one of the best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players of all time — probably even the best. He dominated with Joker in 2019 but shocked everyone when he switched to Byleth and later Pyra & Mythra. Ever since, fans have been asking if he will ever pick up the Persona 5 protagonist again.

But MkLeo often dispelled these speculations, stating in interviews that he had no interest in playing as Joker again. Then in recent months, MkLeo popped up at various tournaments playing as Joker, shocking the Super Smash Bros. community. The return of Joker was one of the most hype timelines in Ultimate. But would MkLeo be sticking with the character?

In a recent tweet, MkLeo announced that he is, indeed, practicing Joker once again. He shared a recent stream where he was messing around with Joker.

"My Persona 5 rerun is going well. As you can see, I'm starting to feel a little bit more, I wouldn't say motivated... But I'm kind of feeling it now," MkLeo admitted.

He just wasn't feeling the character for a while but he saw Joker in action and just felt inspired to pick him back up. MkLeo revealed that he knew it was bound to happen eventually despite his previous attempts to drop Joker.

The reaction has been largely positive. The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community applauded the return of Joker, one of the most dominant MkLeo runs — and one of the most dominant Smash Ultimate runs in general. With big tournaments coming up like the Ludwig Invitational, fans are excited to see MkLeo bring Joker to some intense brackets.