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TFT Monster Attack: Global Championship 2023


The date is set, it’s time to get excited about TFT Monster Attack!

Listen up TFT fans, the newest global championship is just around the corner! Riot Games have announced the next global championship which will be the Monster Attack! TFT Championship for 2023 and it is time to get excited!

What is the TFT Monster Attack!?

Riot Games has announced the next global championship. For 2023 the Monster Attack! will be the global championship for TFT, where the seeds of each region around the world reach and play to take home the title and prize money.  

Prize Pool for TFT Monster Attack - Image via TFT News Page
Prize Pool for TFT Monster Attack - Image via TFT News Page

With a huge prize pool (total of 456K USD), the global competition will be a virtual event held online for the competing teams and available for fans to watch. The winner of the tournament will take 150k USD home with them and of course the real prize – the golden spatula.

Which regions are competing in Monster Attack!?

For 2023 a new region will be joining the competition. Southeast Asia (SEA) will be joining the various regions already involved. This will extend the number of qualifiers for the championship as there will now be 11 regions with 32 competing teams.

TFT Monster Attack Regions - Image via TFT News Page
TFT Monster Attack Regions - Image via TFT News Page

These regions are:

  • China
  • EMEA
  • NA
  • Korea
  • Brazil
  • Japan
  • OCE
  • SEA
  • Eastern Last Chance Qualifier
  • Western Last Chance Qualifier

Teams will then enter the Monster Attack! championship seeding in line with where they finished in their own region. This will break down the competition into four tiers:

  • Tier 1: CN, EMEA, NA, KR
  • Tier 2: BR, LATAM, SEA
  • Tier 3: JP, OCE
  • Tier 4: Eastern LCQ, Western LCQ

How to watch Monster Attack!

The Monster Attack! will be held between May 26 and 28 for fans to watch via the TFT Twitch channel. However, the schedule per region leading up to the event can be located on the Riot Games website. You can follow your region to see how they do and see which teams end up at the top of the leaderboard ahead of seeding for the main event of Monster Attack!

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