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DisguisedToast reportedly paying his Valorant players over $5000 a month cover image

DisguisedToast reportedly paying his Valorant players over $5000 a month


OfflineTV star DisguisedToast is currently “having to stay in and play video games” to acquire funding for his recently established VCT Challengers roster.

Jeremy "DisguisedToast" Wang is reportedly paying his Valorant Challengers players over $5000 (USD) a month, which if you know anything about esports pay is... well, a lot. The streamer has revealed the current state of things with his new Valorant team. Here's the comments made by Toast in regards to his VCT team.

DisguisedToast looking for funding for new Valorant Team

The OfflineTV creator announced the formation of his new Valorant team,"Disguised" on January 9. The team is comprised of various players from within the North American Challengers scene, with former 100 Thieves IGL Joshua "steel" Nissan at the helm. The team made their subsequent debut in the VCT Challengers North America Open Qualifiers the following day.
There the team went on an incredible unbeaten streak to claim victory at the Open Qualifiers and secure their spot in Challengers for the upcoming season. A remarkable feat for a team that has not been together for very long. And while he was over the moon with joy when his team qualified for the VCT's Tier 2 competition, it appears that not everything is sunshine and rainbows at the moment.
During one of Toast's streams, the creator was asked by TSM's Yassine "Subroza" Taoufik about how much his players have been earning under him. While he declined to give an exact amount in said interview, he responded by asking Subroza to give him that he was paying his players over $5000 a month. Money which, at the moment, is coming right out of Toast's own pocket.
He also revealed on stream that while his team did secure qualification to Challengers, they did not receive any prize money for placing first in the qualifiers. Which, as he jokingly stated on his stream, has meant he has had to "stay in and play video games" instead of enjoying his trip to Taiwan in order to fund his Valorant team. Enlightening his viewers that "you cannot convince a billion dollar company to give you their money in just two days."
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