The new map pool will roll out in early June.

VALORANT Patch 8.11 will radically change the game as Haven and the new map join the map rotation, effectively replacing Breeze and Split.

Riot Games will roll out Patch 8.11 in early June, most likely a couple of days after VCT Masters Shanghai concludes, as Riot will show the new map there. The developers also warned the upcoming balance changes to agents in Patch 8.11 will "most likely be the last ones" until VALORANT Champions 2024 in August.

Haven set to return to VALORANT map rotation in less than six months

Who else misses Haven? (Image via Riot Games)
Who else misses Haven? (Image via Riot Games)

Haven is one of the first three maps Riot ever made for VALORANT. The map has existed since the Beta alongside Split and Bind, and Riot Games removed it for the first time when Patch 8.00 rolled out and VALORANT Act 8, Episode 1 kicked off in January 2024. Icebox, the map that replaced Haven, is going to stay.

So, VALORANT's map rotation after VCT Masters Shanghai will feature Haven, the new map, Icebox, Lotus, Bind, Sunset, and Ascent.

Dan Hardison, VALORANT's game designer, and the product manager Coleman Palm said on May 21 that they have listened to players' feedback and will announce future map pool changes ahead of time. They, however, haven't announced how much they changed Haven for this impending update.

On top of changing the map rotation ahead of Champions, the developers have also focused on balancing out Duelists and decided to nerf Raze because of her dominance and buff Iso, Neon, and Reyna.

Though all these changes sound like a lot for just one update, casual players and pros will have plenty of time to adapt to Patch 8.11's meta as the developers already said they won't push many balance changes until Champions is over.

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