Here are a few steps for you to fix the Error Code 14515

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) Warzone Error Code 14515 is one player get on the screen when they join another friend’s lobby. It might also happen at times when other players join your lobby. Here’s how to fix MW3 Warzone Error Code 14515.

What is Travis Rilea MW3 Warzone Error Code 14515?

The Travis Rilea Error Code usually pops up when there are problems connecting to the Modern Warfare servers. It’s usually the case when there’s a sudden increase in player numbers and the servers, to simply put it, simply can’t keep up. It’s a good problem, but it is still a frustrating experience for the average player. 

<em>The Travis Rilea Error Code is usually a connection issue.</em>
The Travis Rilea Error Code is usually a connection issue.

How to Fix MW3 Warzone Error Code 14515

Check MW3 Server Status

The Travis Rilea MW3 Warzone Error Code 14515 is usually a server connection issue. So the first thing to check is whether the server itself has any problems. 

Activision has a server status page that lets players know the status of their services. You can check the page by visiting here

Restart MW3

Sometimes, erroneous files in your system can also result in a loss of connection or an improper connection to the server. You can solve most of these problems by simply restarting the game. 

It’s a very simple step that hardly takes a few seconds (minutes at most), but the probability of fixing the problem is quite high.

Restarting Modern Warfare 3 also allows the game to download any incomplete files. If there is a new update, a game restart will also require you to download the update. 

Restart your console or PC

The next step would be to restart your system. You might be playing on a console (Xbox Series S|X or PS5) or PC. You should try to restart your system to see if that fixes the problem.

Check your Internet connection

Last but not least, try restarting your router and internet connection. Sometimes, the router runs out of memory when active for long periods of time. Periodic restarts will free up the memory allowing it to function at an optimal level. 

These are the different steps you should try when you are searching for ‘How to fix MW3 Warzone Error Code 14515’. The error is also popular as the 'Travis Rilea Error' in Modern Warfare 3. Most likely, these steps will fix your problem, but if they don’t, we suggest simply wait it out. In cases where these problems have manifested themselves, we have observed they tend to fix themselves within a few hours. 

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