Is Overwatch 2 getting more collaboration events?

Overwatch 2 saw great success with the One Punch Man collaboration and developers are already looking to have another one.

Olivia Richman
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Marvel Snap bundles for April and May datamined: Token Tuesdays return

Check out the leaked Marvel Snap bundles for April and May. More Collector Tokens will be available for Gold, so start saving!

Manuel "Rane" Delgado
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OWL Pro-Am West 2023: Live results, schedule

The first Overwatch League event of the season is here! Follow along with the OWL Pro-Am West 2023 results with!

Will Jagielski-Harrison
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Counter-Strike 2 Showmatch to be played before EPL S17 Grand Finals

EPL Season 17 will host the first ever Counter-Strike 2 showmatch before the Grand Finals taking place tomorrow.

Arnav Shukla
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Cloud9 Beat ENCE to reach EPL S17 Grand Finals

Cloud9 secures ESL Pro League Season 17 grand final appearance after defeating ENCE. Read about their victory and the upcoming grand final matchup.

Arnav Shukla
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Counter-Strike 2 news center: Latest information and community reactions

Counter-Strike 2 is real. We have been following the CS:GO 2 news since the past month and here’s the latest information on the new game update.

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CS:GO hits 1.5 Million Concurrent Players after CS2 Announcement

Right on the heels of the Counter-Strike 2 Announcement, CSGO has hit the 1.5 Million Concurrent Players milestone.

Arnav Shukla
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T1 vs GE: T1 devour Global esports in their opening series 2-1

T1 vs GE was promising big things with rosters packed with potential. It was time for them to hit the stage…

Nia Quinn
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