Call of Duty’s newest Battle Pass is here.

Call of Duty just dropped its Season 3 Battle Pass, and fans are jumping into the game to explore everything it has to offer. Whether you are a Modern Warfare III player or a Warzone player, the new Battle Pass has a little something for you.

Here is everything included in Call of Duty's Season 3 Battle Pass.

Call of Duty's new Battle Pass is here

The new Battle Pass for Call of Duty is a behometh of content, featuring over 100 rewards for players to achieve. Purchasing the full Battle Pass will cost you 1,100 COD Points, but is worth it because in the end you will receive 1,400 COD Points in return.

Players can also purchase the BlackCell variation of the Battle Pass, which features many exclusive rewards including high-tech, digital-themed Weapon Blueprints, Operator Skins, Battle Token Tier Skips and more.

So what's all included in the BlackCell Battle Pass?

Everything included in the BlackCell Battle Pass

Purchasing the BlackCell Battle Pass will give you these features:

  • Full Season 3 Battle Pass
  • 1,400 COD Points
  • 6 Tracer Weapon Blueprints
  • 11 Reactive Operators
  • 20 Battle Token Tier Skips

You will also be able to access the BlackCell AO in Warzone, which is an alternative starting point. This will also give players the brand new "Stasis" BlackCell operator and the animated “All That Glitters BlackCell” BAS-B Battle Rifle Weapon Blueprint featuring streaming glyphs and a glowing blue barrel along with Async Tracers and the “Desync Dismemberment” Death Effect.

Players will also receive the “Double Barrel Disrespect” Operator Finishing Move and the “Aggressive Action” Frag Grenade Blueprint.

I think it is safe to say that purchasing the BlackCell is well worth your money.

Every operator in the Season 3 Battle Pass

With many new features included in the Battle Pass, there are also plenty of new operators for players to use in Call of Duty.

Here is a list of every new Operator in the Call of Duty Season 3 Battle Pass:


Snoop Dogg II

Makarov - Dominus

Additional variations of skins will also be included in the new Battle Pass. The left picture shows the normal unlockable Battle Pass skin, while the photo on the right shows the BlackCell Battle Pass skin.

“Akuma” Skins

“Corsair” Skins

“Cardinal” Skins

“Scalpel” Skins

“Banshee” Skins

“Cask” Skins

“Saboteur” Skins

Every new weapon in the Season 3 Battle Pass

The Call of Duty Season 3 Battle Pass also includes a plethora of new weapons for players to compete with. Here is every new weapon in the new Battle Pass:

  • MORS Sniper Rifle (Sector 4, HVT, Free)
  • FJX Horus SMG (Sector 8, HVT, Free)
  • Gladiator Melee (Sector 15, HVT, Free)

There are also new Weapon Blueprints too. Here is every new Weapon Blueprints in the Battle Pass:

  • Wood and Yellow
  • Koi Fish Tattoo
  • Camo Topography
  • KOHHN: Black, Red and White
  • Steely Gaze — Lockwood 300 Shotgun
  • Veil Breaker — BAS-B Battle Rifle
  • Blade Eater — TAQ Evolvere LMG
  • Sealed Fate — KATT-AMR Sniper Rifle
  • Situational Hazard — MORS Sniper Rifle
  • Gleaned Slash — FJX Horus SMG

Just buying the Battle Pass, though, is not enough. There are still rewards to access want you have reached tier 100.

Tier 100 rewards

Once you have hit tier 100, you will have access to the final Completion Sector. This will give you the following items:

  • 300 COD Points
  • “Fated” MTZ-762 Battle Rifle Weapon Blueprint
  • “Scoped and Loaded” Emblem
  • “Fenrir” Skins for Makarov
  • “Hush” Skins for the New Hush Operator

Goodluck on completing the new Season 3 Battle Pass.

Stay tuned to for more Call of Duty and esports news.

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