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Toxic Damage in MW3 Zombies can be a bit of a headscratcher when you’re trying to clear through hordes of the undead. To rack up Toxic Damage kills, you’ll need to find a specific item that’ll assist in completing challenges.

When you’re trying to set yourself up for the best chance of survival, it’s not worth your time to find out what certain things do. This is why we have the answer here, just for you. With some luck, you’ll be carrying your MW3 Zombies squad in no time. 

What is Toxic Damage in MW3 Zombies?

Everybody seems confused about Toxic Damage in MW3 Zombies. Toxic Damage occurs when players use Brain Rot ammo. This modifier will inflict damage on those pesky zombies, once they’re hit.

This damage will be on top of the existing damage from your bullets. So, it’s worth getting if you’re looking to rack up a certain amount of kills.

Sometimes you’ll need to get around 250 kills using Brain Rot bullets to complete a challenge. If you’re struggling to finish these missions, make sure you keep shooting and killing your zombie enemies with Brain Rot ammo. Unfortunately, these challenges can glitch from time to time, making it almost impossible to finish.

What is Brain Rot Ammo?

(Image via Activision)
(Image via Activision)

Brain Rot ammo mods are typically available after scouring an Aether Nest. Once it’s complete, you’ll be able to spot them inside Aether Caches.

After everything has been cleared out, you’ll be able to get all the Brain Rot ammo inside. Once that’s done, rinse and repeat. 

Now, you’ll be topping the leaderboards. Make sure you're aiming for headshots and keep in mind the fact that your team mates might want some kills too. Sharing is caring.

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