Wubz and Friendz is a furry, yet awfully terrifying Tracer Pack you can obtain in Call of Duty, with a lot of items for its price point.

Perhaps the most talked about Tracer Pack in Call of Duty history is here. The Wubz and Friendz bundle is available for both Call of Duty: MW3 and Warzone. Its inclusion is divisive, to say the least, but some players are super excited.

Others think the game's skins are making it too much like Fortnite, but clearly Call of Duty says too bad. Let's go over everything about this horrifyingly cuddly Tracer Pack.

Everything included in the Wubz and Friendz Call of Duty Tracer Pack

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This is quite a loaded Tracer Pack in Call of Duty. Wubz and Friendz comes with multiple skins, weapon blueprints, and other accessories. Here's what you'll get if you buy it:

  • Wubz Operator Skin
  • Stubz Operator Skin
  • Harbinger of Dread Operator Skin
  • Bubz Operator Skin
    • All skins are König variants
    • All skins receive the Making Holes Finishing Move
  • The Womper (SVA 545 Weapon Blueprint)
  • New Friend (TAQ Eradicator Weapon Blueprint)
    • Both Blueprints have Paint Party Tracers and the People Popper Dismemberment Death Effect
  • Ultimate Squad Goals (Large Decal)
  • All-For-Fluff! (Weapon Sticker)
  • Danger Floofs (Weapon Charm)
  • Squaaaad! (Loading Screen)

Like we said. Loaded.

How much does the Tracer Pack cost?

(Screenshot via esports.gg)
(Screenshot via esports.gg)

You get four skins and everything else that usually comes with a Tracer Pack for just a slightly higher price. Wubz and Friendz is expensive on that front, but only by a little.

You can get your hands on it for 3,000 COD Points. There isn't a direct 3,000 COD Point bundle available, though, so you'll have to buy a couple lower-tiered ones or a single higher tiered one.

Wubz and Friendz Party Pack bonus

(Screenshot via esports.gg)
(Screenshot via esports.gg)

With the Wubz and Friendz Tracer Pack in Call of Duty, you also get its Party Back bonus. Much like some of the skins from the Killer collection, any of these played together in a party get a nice little XP boost:

  • Double XP in a party of at least two players
  • Double Weapon XP in a party of at least two players
  • Double Battle Pass XP in a party of three or more players

If you and your squad all buy the Wubz and Friendz Tracer Pack, you can rank up your weapons and complete the Battle Pass in no time. Just party up with these googly-eyed fur balls as your Operator skin, and boom.

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