You’ve probably already heard of their greatest hits.

Very few esports can claim to have a chart-topping rap duo dedicated to them, but CS2 has a notable exception with The Verkkars. The Finnish musicians’ themed songs are a mainstay of the Counter-Strike community. In fact, newer players have probably already heard some of their releases thanks to multiple in-game music kits. If you just learned about the iconic pair, here’s everything you should know about The Verkkars before they perform live at CS2’s inaugural major.

The Verkkars are a rap duo from Finland who write songs about Counter-Strike. They currently have six singles with no albums, EPs, or compilations. Their most popular song remains EZ4ENCE, which was published on March 5, 2019. The song celebrated the then-all Finnish ENCE roster that eventually made the grand finals of IEM Katowice 2019. The team walked out to the song, giving it a massive boost in popularity. The song became a trend in several countries, reaching the top five on Finnish Spotify and peaking at #1 in Denmark.

The rap pair released a few songs afterward, but its next big hit was Flashbang Dance featuring Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert released on Oct. 1, 2021. This was the first time Verkkars partnered with a famous pro player for a song, with n0thing busting a rhyme throughout the track. 

The Verkkars performed live at Dreamhack Open 2020 (Image via ESL)
The Verkkars performed live at Dreamhack Open 2020 (Image via ESL)

Valve would acknowledge The Verkkars with official CS2 music kits for both EZ4ENCE and Flashbang Dance. Players can purchase and equip them to make the songs play after they win a round as MVP. This is where most new players hear about the pair. However, the two are about to make a splash at the Copenhagen Major.

The Verkkars to perform live at CS2 Copenhagen Major

The Verkkars will perform live at the CS2 Copenhagen Major, where they will likely show off their newest song featuring Aleksi "Aleksib" Virolainen.

PGL confirmed the performance through its official social media channels on March 27, 2024 just a few days before the scheduled show. The duo will take on the stage on championship Sunday. A set list has not been announced, but Flashbang Dance and EZ4ENCE are essentially guaranteed. ENCE, unfortunately, went 1-3 in the opening stage and will not be getting the consequential power boost.

However, the performance could feature a surprise appearance from Aleksib himself. The Verkkar’s latest single God Mode features the legendary Finnish in-game leader. Natus Vincere did make the playoffs, which decreases the chances of him appearing on stage. However, there’s always a chance the potential Major champion will spit his own bars.

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