Skywrath and Venge have been hitting the gym hard.

Crownfall has brought two new flashy Arcanas to Dota 2, but the first question on every player’s mind is if they can claim them for free. Valve has been generous in the past with free Arcanas in battle passes, or at least making them reasonably cheap. Now that the developer has returned to the standard $35 price tags, is there a chance it's willing to drop it even lower?

Eagle-eyed fans have noticed the coin discount in the shop, which can already knock a solid chunk off their prices. However, if you can get enough Crownfall coins, is it possible to claim the Skywrath Mage and Vengeful Spirit Arcanas for free?

Crownfall Arcanas aren’t free, but you can claim a discount

Crownfall coin discounts do not stack, which means you can’t get the Arcanas for Skywrath Mage or Vengeful Spirit for free. However, it's still possible to get them for a discount. 

Players can cash in Crownfall coins to get a $8 discount on anything in the store. This could be a free Crownfall Royal Bundle, which surreptitiously costs the exact amount as the discount. Players can also spend it on a few free Crownfall treasures if they purchase the $20 bundle of nine. This naturally leads to whether they can stack, and the answer appears to be no.

The discount is available on everything in the Crownfall store (Image via Valve)
The discount is available on everything in the Crownfall store (Image via Valve)

The discount appears to only apply once to any single item in the store. The coupon is consumed at the time of purchase, so there’s no way to stack up 100 Crownfall coins and discounts and use them to get some free Arcanas. The most you can do is bring both Arcanas down to $26, which is still a nice discount, but far from complimentary.

Crownfall will include 60 free coins, which, if all stacked onto one of the two Arcanas, would theoretically allow players to claim one for free. We’ll have to wait and see if Valve changes the rules to allow this miracle as the event unfolds. 

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