Ninety percent of grinders quit just before the Arcana appears.

The first Crownfall weekly reset is right around the corner, meaning new things to grind for the week. There are several daily and weekly events to grind out between Candyworks rerolls, the Snake Charmer, and whatever gets added in the next chapters. 

If you want to maximize your returns on Crownfall, it’s important to hit the lanes as soon as you can. Here’s exactly when Dota 2’s long-running event will reset every day and every week.

Crownfall weekly reset is the key to Candyworks

The weekly Crownfall reset takes place on Thursday at 9 a.m PST. The daily reset is also at 9 a.m PST.

The reset means a few things for Dota 2 grinders. First, it allows players to earn more rerolls for Candyworks. Players can earn up to 10 every week by winning games. Note that if you already have 10 rerolls, you won’t be able to earn more. Be sure to spend all rerolls before the weekly reset to maximize your chances of a free Arcana.

May you have better luck than us (Image via Valve)
May you have better luck than us (Image via Valve)

Second, there is a daily task to attend to. The Snake Charmer gives players a free Slithering token every day they win a game. This is to offset the small amount of heroes that grant Slithering tokens. Otherwise, players would spam Naga Siren against their will. Other scarce tokens like Teleporting, Healer, and Mounted may get equivalents in the next parts.

Lastly, there are a few non-Crownfall-related things that get reset every week. Weekly challenges for hero experience reset every week. Dota Plus users also get 10 more weekly tips to dole out at their discretion. If you want to be really efficient, make sure to be as toxic as possible while earning your Candyworks rerolls.

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